Three players fined in Week 12 play

TORONTO – The CFL has announced the following discipline resulting from Week 12:

As per league policy, the amounts of the player fines were not disclosed.

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Junk puncher!!


When it comes to punishment, in Sutton's case, an eye for an eye would have made me happy. :grin:

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Of note... Sankey NOT in that list.


Yes I noticed Sankey was not in that fined list. That was an illegal hit on o'Connor but I guess because the Riders have been caught a large number of times with fines and suspensions the CFL decided to give them a btreak this past week. At least it seems that hit was not the reason O'Connor left the game about 3 plays later. At least according to what Campbell said after the game.

Or the hit, while hard, wasn't as egregious as some people were claiming.


...and obviously the league saw the on field penalty as enough .....

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Why wasn’t Nic Demski fined for his touchdown celebration where he jumped on the railing? Getting that close to fans is a breach of CFL security protocols. Guess the same rules don’t apply to everyone. :man_shrugging: More biased bs from Randy Ambrosie and his Command Centre… what a joke!:unamused:

His distaste for nachos spared him the fine.

I wish they'd fine that guy in Montreal who constantly honks that damn horn before EACH AND EVERY OFFENSIVE PLAY FOR THE VISITING TEAMS!
That is even more annoying than the combined trash talking of Simoni Lawrence and Duron Carter combined.