Three players fined from Week 3 games

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has announced that three players have been fined following Week 3’s game.

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Maximum fine for Chris Edwards would be 1/2 game pay check. If he’s let’s say making $125,000, the fine would be roughly $3500.

Doesn’t sound like much but it’s the CFL.


Edwards would have had to be playing for Saskatchewan in order to get a suspension as well as the fine for that stunt. Right Randy?

I wonder if the Hamilton coach will give Edwards the boot because he is definitely a wrong’un. I noticed the Duke was wearing a gold chain for a while during the game as well. These two pirates, seem to lack respect for safety rules, and the coach may have trouble ahead. :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag:

Maybe Hamilton can trade the asshole to Saskatchewan so you can find out for yourself . Honestly being a Cats fan I feel that Stein should have told him to pack his bags the minute he got back to the dressing room after that BS stunt .


The trouble with trading him is that he is an excellent player. He would be an asset to any team in the league if he can control his temper. Maybe the fine will smarten him up. I hope it does for his sake. If it doesn’t no one will want him.

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Well the only reason we got him was the fact that the Argos didn’t want him any longer even though as you say he is an excellent player . Begs the question , if he is such an excellent player than why didn’t the Argos keep him in the first place ?

Honestly this mentality of well this guy or that guy are excellent players so they should get preferential treatment is absurd in my book. Let’s face it if Edwards was a 2nd or 3rd string nobody playing special teams and pulled this shit nobody would give a flying fig if he was cut or traded if the truth be known .


The linebacker that replaced Lawrence last season did excellent work. He could replace Edwards if he is still with the Cats. :apple:



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Kyle Wilson is his name and yes he is still with the team . Now in his 3rd year with the Cats , Wilson has started on several occasions in his time here and did fill in admirably for Simoni last season . He could easily replace Edwards in a heartbeat and believe me I wish he would .

The Cats do not need the likes of an Edwards on this team . He has proven on more than one occasion that he is nothing more than a selfish self centered me first type of player who is basically unhinged with a screw or two loose up top between his ears .


What i suspected for Emilus as a first time offender , although wouldnt have.been suprised if it was 1 game given the league crack down on that play

Edwards is a stunner though… dont see how thats not atleast a game.

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Just realised that Chris Edwards is the player who clashed with Ticat fans in the eastern finale of 2021 when he was playing with Toronto. Sigh

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