Three players fined after Week 4 action

TORONTO — The CFL announced on Thursday that three players have been fined after Week 4 action.

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Well! Look at that! All Montreal players who were Finally fined for their intentional illegal dangerous hits ! After 4 games of intential dangerous plays/hits against all their opponents they finally crack down on the Allouettes! I wonder if it will actually make a difference against these thugs? Sure hope their coaches get them to settle down and play decent football. It's a rough sport but everyone have to play within the rules designed to help protect the players.


They had it coming. I think Khari Jones was pulling his hair out over the crazy yardage they were giving up on penalties. A hit to the pocket book might straighten them out. :roll_eyes:

FINES in the cfl must be a joke, why else would they never speak of the monetary value involved and the same players always getting them...certainly not a deterrent.

Costing their team a victory ought to be incentive enough. Players with discipline problems are a liability because they're not team players. They're selfish. Maas got canned trying to keep all his bad apples on the team hoping they'd straighten out. Jones might be in trouble if can't part with the trouble makers. :confused:

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nothing but sour grapes from crybaby fans.

Isn't that how it goes, players with talent but no discipline get cut by the NFL and wind up here?