Three more years

It was anounced today on CJAD Radio that The Don has signed for another 3 years with the ALS :thup:

Three including this year right? I read that it goes until the end of the 2008 season. Hopefully they manage to keep Chris Jones around so that the Don can groom him to take over for him when he retires.

Good news. I'll take the Don over any other coach in the league.

And Als_All_The_Way, I agree with you about Chris Jones. He's a very underrated coach who will soon be ready to make the jump to head coaching.

Gotta love the the "DON" !

I just hope, it's not gonna be Marcel Bellefeuille somewhere down the road !

I would think that Strasser would be offered the als head coaching job before Jones but either way neither of them are quite ready to step int oa head coaching role and another 3 years with Don will help

Mike Pringle will be the next Al's coach.