Three Keys To Victory Sunday

  1. Roberts
  2. Roberts
  3. Roberts
  1. right
  2. right
  3. right
    time to leave it all on the field guys.. :thup:

Couldn't agree more!!

just another 3

  1. Productive Offence
  2. Shut Down Defence
  3. Try Harder Special teams.

Berry needs to be less of an idiot than in the last 2 Argo games. Just because they stuff the run on the first couple of series don’t give up on it keep a balanced attack going for all 4 quarters. Handing the ball off to Roberts can move the ball down the field just as well as passing it. If our offence is productive I don’t even think defence and special teams matter.

I think getting Roberts to start off wide as oppose to up the middle is key to using him to the best of his ability against the argos. If he can hit 100 yards, I really like our chances.

i agree on both accounts. he gves up with the ruinning game against the argos and that is a no-no. we all klnow that their secondary know how to cut of routes and hurt you with a pick. we need to run roberts quick and keep punching it with him. open up the entire field and allow us to run the PA and get an extra step on the db's. Glenn also has to look oput for the secondary, since his injury he has over look guys coming across that make the picks.

I personally would defence it so that Roberts could have a big day and prevent long passes but allow the Bombers to run Roberts and have some success with shorter routes. Force you guys to drive it up the field. But then if the Argos try and contain Roberts and he doesn't get much, that could force the Bombers out of their game plan. Should be interesting to see how it works out.

Stretch the defense deep and throw the underneath screens, swing passes and slants.

....note to Kevin:..keep the ball low and away on the short passing game....let's see the Argos dbs.pick those off....and like TopHat says....stretch them deep with Armstrong....keep them honest and let Charlie do his thing....goBigBlue... :rockin:

Let Linebacker Eiben through the line for the first two plays of the Glenn can throw ball, at Eiben's nuts... Longest yard style.

If our Dline dominates, Bishop will choke.

Protect Glenn, and he'll pick the Boatmen apart....Go Bombers..