Three Keys To Success

It's an old maxim in the CFL that to win a Grey Cup you need to be strong in three areas:

  1. Canadians
  2. Quarterbacking
  3. Kicking

You will have to agree the TiCats look good in each area which suggests success is readily accessable. We are also strong at the running game, linebackers, and may be developing an intimidating pass rush. The glaring weaknesses need to be addressed with prudence and vision.

This year's Canadian draft features some impressive O Linemen and acquiring one of them will strengthen our non-import ratio and protect our number one asset.

The new GM needs to sign a couple impact receivers after the NFL season. This should be the easiest weaknesses to address. Next is an upgrade to the secondary, but not a complete overhaul.

Taaffe either needs to be confident his coordinators learned the Canadian game in one year, or replace them with established guys from the league.

So, things aren't as bad as they may seem. What will kill the Cats again in '08 is a lack of continuity with the footbal operations.

Blocking and Tackling, wins football games.

So having said that, O-line and Defense!

We have 2 QB's.

I do agree with needing Canadians, that is why giving away Wayne Shaw was the WORST trade ever. Specially for a player who didn't even make the roster.

I think you nailed it. I would like to see one more DT tackle brought in who can disrupt the oline from inside ala Belli without the penalties.

I think the kicking game is in good hands. The one thing I didn't worry about was the kicking game. We need some solid receivers who will work with Printers and the quarterback squad in the off season.
And of course Canadians are always a good start.

No easy formulae for success, IMO. Lock up Jojuan, perhaps some o-line help, a bit more consistency in the secondary, and a viable playoff shot is not out of the question. There are some coaching and player evaluation issues to be reconciled as well. Looking forward to a great team in '08.

Football comes down to 2 things, being able to pass the ball and being able to stop the pass, we couldn't do either of those things which is why we wound up with 3 wins. And is overrated, B.C is in first place without a good q.b for most of the year, Jackson is one of the worst q.b's in this league.

I think the element the cats need to solidify the most is the o-line. The kicking is great. The defense isn`t bad but we need some fast defensive backs(2) and a couple of receivers.