Three Jerks and a Squirt

I brought 5 people to the game, my wife, 17 year old son and three casual fans. Or, one could say I brought my wife, three jerks and a squirt! Either way you wanna look at it, this is how our adventure unfolded.

I try to bring someone to every game that otherwise wouldn't come to a game in the hopes that they will catch the fever like I did. I'm trying to do my part to expose the CFL and the Ticats to new fans to increase our fanbase. Before the game I explained to them the basics of football etiquette,

I explained they never go for beers during a play, always wait for a stoppage then move quickly as not to obstruct the view of other fans.

I explained that they are to be quiet as church mice when we have the ball, and to resist the urge to chant "Argos Suck" or "Go Cats Go" during these moments of blessed silence.

I explained we are to stand up and make as much noise possible when we are on defence. Chanting "Argos Suck" or "Go Cats Go" at this point is perfectly acceptable and in fact encouraged. I bought a variety of noise makers for everyone and explained if I heard them even once on offence I would quickly retrieve them. They are a priveldge not a right I explained.

Which brings me to my rant.

A woman who I would estimate to be mid fifties sat behind me, with her son who I would guess to be in his late 20's. When my group arrived, we were boisterous and rather noisy. I thought we were at a football game.

First she says to her son, "Great. This is why I don't come to games." I ignore her. Keep in mind the kickoff was still a few moments away. The game hadn't yet begun.

The first time we're on D, I stand up and begin blowing my horn, which is rather loud. I feel the lady behind me poke my back twice. The ball is snapped and I quickly sit down. This happens twice more before I finally turn around and ask the lady what she wants.

She proceeds to ask me to stop standing up everytime we're on D, then complains about how loud my horn is. Though quite agitated, I politely explain to her that I have no intention of sitting still and being quiet unless the offence is on the field. Disgustedly, she tells me she is texting fan services to complain about my behaviour. I laughed, and told her I thought that was a very good idea. I then returned to my apparently obnoxious method of cheering.

Needless to say, Fan Services didn't come.

By the 3rd quarter, this lady had quite enough of me. While I sat quietly sipping my beer (we had the ball) this lady grabs my hood and pulls it tight around my neck and starts to say, "Listen pal". Thats as far as she got. I ripped my hood out of her hand, told her I wasn't her pal and if she touches me one more time I will be the one calling Fan Services. I told her son he'd better get his dear old mom under control, because the next time she tried to choke me with my hood I would hold him personally responsible.

A few minutes later she taps me again and tries to apologize. I was still a little hot about the whole thing, and I told her if she has a problem text fan services, otherwise stop bothering me. I was not interested in her apology. At this point she left and did not return.

You're a great fan and you dealt with that lady the proper way from the sounds of it. I guess she thought you were sitting in her living room or something.

Kudos to you for educating new fans on how and when to cheer. Even watching on TV I could hear the crowd being far too loud on a few plays while the Cats had the ball. I have actually thought of a great solution to fan ignorance of this. Just print a small paragraph on the back of every ticket explaining this. Call it fan football 101 or something. Make is friendly and not condescending.

Sask's crowd played a big part in their victory yesterday, as Lulay was repeatedly having trouble getting the snap off in time and apparently it was too loud for the coaches to communicate with him through his helmet. But when the Riders had the ball you could hear a pin drop.

Hamilton fans still have some learnin' to do before we get to that level of sophistication. It was a little disheartening watching our offence trying to get into the east end zone, with the end zone crowd going nuts and making noise the whole time. But it's been like that as long as I can remember. Collectively, we don't quite get it.

(Hint: when they blast a "Shhh" through the loud speaker, it means be quiet.)

Thanks Zen.

I agree, fans need to be educated about the importance of when to cheer and when not to. There was a guy a couple rows ahead of me that kept blowing his horn no matter who had the ball. He was dressed in Black and Gold, so its safe to assume he was a Cats fan. Noone around him ever asked him to stop blowing it when we had the ball. I'm guessing they didnt know any better either.

Football 101 on the back of tickets is a great idea. Each week the team could deliver a different tip on how to be a better fan and thus enjoy a better fan experience. Perhaps they could also add something to the website and/or the TigerVision Screen before games. I honestly believe we would win more games if more fans knew the difference.

When fans scream during their own team ball possession they are turning a home game into a road game.

If they don't understand when to cheer then I think they obviously never really understand anything but pass completions, long plays and scoring. They must just stare at the field with a blank mind I guess. It's just such a basic rule of being a football fan.

I just figured out how to keep the cost of the new stadium down. Lets not put in seats we can all stand and show our enthusiasm for the game. I come to the game to sit and watch it, when some jerk in front of me stands up everytime the D is on the field my view is obscured. I totally understand supporting the team and at times standing for a big play but come one, "Everytime the D is on the field" God that means i have to stand more than 50% of the game.

Buy tickets in the front row..

I thought by the thread's title this was discussing the afterglow of Winnipeg fan trolls after coming out of the woodwork and flaming here with the Ticat loss. My bad. LMAO

I am sorry to read about the incident discussed by the OP. This is a result of causal fans not being aware of some of the conventions of fan behaviour at football games. Perhaps the new stadium can have a space for cello recitals where their notions of etiquette can have free rein. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


I agree with Zen.

Buy tickets in the front row.

Occasionaly standing for a big play? What exactly do you consider a "big play"?

How is stopping the offence on first and 10 any less important than say third and inches?

To me, every play when our D is on the field is a "big play".

If some jerk stood up in front of me every time our defence had the ball I would be pissed off too. Show some courtesy for the other fans. If you want to stand up every time the D has the ball, buy seats in the back row.

I can assure you that there is no rule against standing and cheering at a football game. It's called being a fan and cheering your team on.

Maybe you would be happier at Blue Jay games. People hardly ever stand there.

I stand from time to time when something exciting is going on, but it does annoy me when someone stands up in front of me for the whole game especially when we have the ball.

I have an even better idea. Why don't you and that little old lady behind me stare mindlessly at my back instead of staring mindlessly at the field. What difference would there be?

If you get pissed off because football fans are doing whats commonly expected and even asked of them (ever see the players on the vidoeboard asking fans to stand and make noise) then maybe football isn't a good spectator sport for you. May I suggest competitive knitting?

Maybe whining will become a sport someday. If so, you can count on me to be in the stands obnoxiously standing and cheering you both on. You're both very talented. Championship material.

Our section was on it's feet for the better part of the second half. Everyone thought it was great. Every time the D was on the field the towels and lungs were in full effect. There was even some friendly passing-of-the-smuggled-in-screech between rival fans! (Actually, quite a bit of that.)

I've said it before, as long as we respect the views of the kids in the crowd, I have no problem with everyone getting up on their feet. If there's a kid behind you, make sure they can see.

Our section had no problems with standing and cheering.

If the person in front stood up to cheer, then so did the person right behind them, creating a cascading affect.

That’s what you do at football games, and that’s what makes the experience of a being fan so much better.

The title of this thread reminded me of a dirty movie I saw on late night TV a couple weeks back.

Hey I have no problem standing up and cheering but not for the entire time the D is on the field. Thank God I buy tickets where I do and all the fans have respect for everyone around them. Everyone cheers, everyone enjoys themselves, and everyone can see the game.

I think if there is one game to stand up and make noise everytime the Ticats are on D is a playoff game against Toronto. If you'd like to sit quietly and politely Rogers Centre is the place to be.

This is the best way to put it. I

was in Canada & at the BC game of 2009, sitting in the end zone and annoyed a few people with my cheering while our D was on the field. Thankfully, no one said anything to me, but I got a lot of rude looks from people, or so my wife said. Didn't matter to me, our D likes it loud, that's what I try to do while there on the field.

if you kept standing in front of me for long periods of time or during the play , I would deck you. Its rude and ignorant. Its why they are called seats, instead of standing room only. People pay for the right to sit the whole game and still be able to watch it without some jerk always standing up in front of them.