Three-Four defensive front?

Just wondering with Anthony coming in if Creehan is leaning more toward the 3-4 defensive front. I don't know how effective this would be considering most of the teams like to run the ball to set up the pass game. :cowboy:

Simply put. I hope not.

In order for a 3-4 to be really effective you need a stud DT and two above average DE's to provide enough pressure to force things. You also need a team comfortable with and that excels in zone coverage. The Cats currently meet none of these requirments this early in the season.

What we need is a decent pass rush from a 4 man front, it all starts there. Mix in the odd blitz, but the key is pressure from the front 4.

We don't have the personnel to pull of a 3-4 and Creehan knows it and I am sure that's why we don't use it. Now if we could get away from that dreaded 3 man rush i'd be a happy camper.

So was Anthony signed to replace the innefective Mariuz?

If so, what happened to the 'import ratio' thing that got rid of Big Dog?

I'm thinking if Anthony starts at OLB, then Beveridge would be starting for Glasper.
Also, I don't think we have the personel to play a 3-4 defence, so if we did, it would only be limited. :cowboy:

I think Anthony is coming in to step in for Mariuz for a few plays, but i hear Obie is also thinking about playing him at DE on passing downs. Seems a little small for that.

He might be replacing Keith as a DE who can drop back, as others have already metioned.

If it forces Taaffe to start #19 at safety, then look for Ray to rip our secondary apart...

My biggest fear is lots of blitzes to try make up for a lack of pressure, and Ray reading those and having a field day with short drops and quick reads.

It's imperative that the offense produce points.