Three choices for Canadian Acts at the Grey Cup

Sorry I missed many favourites for some such as April Wine , Avril Lavigne or anybody else .

Probably the lengthiest poll ever trying to cover so much .

Inspired by the Fox poll .

You can vote three and change your vote anytime .

Looking for the Ultimate Canadian Grey Cup Trio Act .

Now Hank, am i supposed to pick the performers I want based on whether i like their music or their looks or where they were born or the clothes they wear ? I get so confused ;D

Good poll, Hank !

Don't think Hank Snow is that viable anymore!!!

Neither is Leonard Cohen, Rita McNeil or Wilf Carter!!!

Shawn Mendes & Drake are really great in younger demographics (14 to 33) - I also listed Neil Young who's about 72 but legendary beyond belief. . . .

If I had to put a canadian rock act ahead of Neil - I'd go to The Headstones - THEY'RE AMAZING!

I thought had Burton Cummings had played at the G.C one year.

He did but They are not a list of acts that played the Grey Cup . There just a wish list of some names off the top of my head and I probably missed many good ones .

I do remember Burt doing some bad anthem singing at the GC so I may have kept him off to keep him away from doing it again semi consciously .

...if this is inspired by the fox poll then what is the science behind this thread? what will you do with the results of this poll? I'm concerned with this information gathering without any clear explanation for what is is being gathered for...#civilliberties...

…also, I’m concerned that you are proposing that dead people be exhumed and parked on a stage for the Grey Cup…if three acts featured dead performers I would think that would go down in history as the worst halftime show ever…#deadpeoplenotveryentertaining

Had to put a guy named Hank on the list and Hank Snow fit the bill . ;D

Don't know about the Headstones but in my time the HeadPins with Darby Mills in the early 80's was the boss .

Turn it up loud and Don''t it make you feel .

I left a lot out like Honeymoon suite , Chilliwack , Toronto ,Corey Hart , Platinum Blonde , Men without Hats ,The Spoons , Parachute club , Luba , Gowan , Harlequin Saga , Tom Cochrane and many more as they were big all because of Canadian content rules in the 80's giving our guys a chance and they exploded on the radio and up the charts with hits . Way too many to list .

I thought our current crop like the Sheepdogs did a good job when called upon on the Grey Cup .

They are people too and many would be delighted to get one more chance to perform in front of a live audience for a change .

April Wine, Lighthouse, Foot in Cold water, Steppenwolf, Northern Pikes, Blue Rodeo, Great Big Sea, Big Sugar, Doug and the Slugs, Goddo, Jeff Healey Band, Leahy, The Barra MacNeils, Head East, 5 Man electrical Band, John Allen Cameron, Don messer's Jubilee, Juliette, Pagliaro, Minglewood, Ashley McIssac, Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians, Wayne and Shuster.

I had fun doing that !

Thanks it is a nice cathartic feeling for some reason to list things .

The Pursuit of Happiness from Edmonton I believe . They Play I am an adult now constantly on the radio and for some odd reason l liked it 30 years ago and I like it now still .

The Pursuit of Happiness "I'm An Adult Now" 1986 - YouTube Vid from1986 Toronto .

So many acts I left out like The Bare Naked Ladies .The Kings

Isn’t a ‘cathartic feeling’ when you’re having a heart attack ? ;D
Some cathartics accelerate defecation ! Wonder what that feels like ? Don’t care to know.

You just don’t see enough of the word cathartic. :wink:

When I really try to remember old bands and singers, I can’t ! Tomorrow, one of their songs will run through my head for hours.

One thing I’ve noticed, there seems to be two hot beds of music in Canada. One is Nova Scotia and the other Winnipeg.

Couple of suggestions from out in left-field.

  1. Iskwe - she's truly amazing - here's a sample -

  2. Alessia Cara - the younger demographic adores her

  3. Rose Cousins - somewhere between Iskwe and Cara

2 out of the 3 would be an amazing half-time bill - let them also entertain with full concerts during Grey Cup week . . .

I see cathartic as a release mechanism like emotions or memories stirred but maybe I am using it wrong .

For about a day or two I kept doing the count down to Major Tom = 4,3,2 ,1 .

Have no idea why ?

I would have voted for Stacey Nattrass

I thought Cara did one already in Toronto at the 104th .

Yeah, your definition is the main one. There are others though. Nothing to do with a heart attack. It just sounds like it should.

Major Tom eh ? Maybe you were getting ready to take off. ;D

I find when I can't shake a song, the best thing is to play it with headphones on.

Take off ; eh !

Hey I just thought off another one Bob and Doug Mackenzie they did a great White North Album . Nominated for a grammy and broke the top 10 albums in March .

The Twelve Days of Christmas was really good ; eh .

The Reklaws and their hit

Long Live the Night are the opening act this year for the Grey Cup .

They have the theme song for TSN Thursday Night Football and it appears to be well received .

The CFL and TSN chose well .

They were supposed to be the half time show at that Bomber home game that took hours to finish because of lightning....
Not bad !