Three cheers...for Charlie.

A week ago..some of us fans...( myself ) included were predicting 0 and 3 and Charlie would be gone.
It reminded me of 1986, when the Cats started 0 and 5 and all the talk, even on TV was...when will Coach Bruno be fired... remember ?
The Cats went on to win the Grey Cup, that November.

The win against the Argo's showed just how Charlie and crew were able to turn things around, with the players from a week ago. Now, that was something that we have not seen, in a long, long, time.
A Grey Cup this November ?
For now... we'll take it one game at a time.
But what we saw tonight...was the real deal, fellow Ti-Cat fans.
Three Cheers for Charlie. :thup:

Thank u for this post You know Charlie is the only consistant mangement weve had and a football team doesnt just fix over night give us time and Hamilton will be the team to beat again

give us time and Hamilton will be the team to beat again
Very well said..knight8412.

Great win Ticats. My Riders now have to play in BC. Then play in Hamilton next week. Glad the Riders won the 1st one against the Eskimos. The next 2 games are going to be tough. BC has to win or the Lions will be 0-2. It is a must win for the Lions. The Ticats looked good tonight. And they got confidence beating the Argos.

Great job Charlie, I never threw you under the bus, but I did believe the coaching staff needed to steop it up and you delivered big time. Keep it up..... :cowboy:

Hate Faith in Charle I do ..

I wish Charlie got the Gatorade shower. Oh well, there'll be plenty more chances. I guess the calls for his head will be silenced for another week. Although I feel really good about next week as well. Charlie had to have really drilled it into the team that penalties aren't acceptable. That was a huge difference tonight.

Congratulations to Charlie, the coaching staff
and the players for sloughing off last week's loss
and working hard to build on the postives from it.

It was a brilliant coaching job. The running game had the blue team looking dazed and confused. Both lines had injuries. The blue team's home opener in front of a large crowd. And adjustments to the punt coverage to boot!

I fully agree Charlie Taaffe and his staff did a great job coaching. We were well prepared and executed very well on both sides of the ball. I'm delighted for the coaches, especially Charlie, who have taken quite a bit of criticism lately (as was the case last year). Last night they showed that they are a capable group, with good plans for building an effective, cohesive team. We'll be competitive this year, thanks to the work of Obie, Charlie and the rest. The playoffs are by no means out of the question.

I was really glad to see Charlie call for the kneel down at the end of the game.

You know for a fact Pinball and Doug Berry would have kept running the ball trying to score a TD and then say it's because of tie breaking procedures.

Good work last night Charlie and Marcel, great game plan! And I was glad I was there to witness the dismantling and that you handled it graciously.

  • paul

I predicted 0-4...well done, Charlie! That was a very well coached and well executed game!!

Man...I feel great today!!!!

a win is a wounderfull Thing in Tigertown :smiley:

Agreed :smiley: