Three changes have turned it all around

Three personal changes have turned this team around and have them peaking at the right time. The changes have created a snowball affect, making everybody else step up their game and start believing in themselves. With Glenn taking over at qb, his experience at reading defences and getting the ball out quickly takes huge pressure off the O-line. This also holds the lb’s because of the underneath routes. When the lb’s come, then Glenn gets the ball off into their vacated areas.
The other two changes were McIntyre and Adams returning from injuries. It’s no coincidence that the front seven has been playing dominating football the last three games.I’ve been waiting for McIntyre and Adams to come back for a while and now that they have the D looks so much tougher to play against. Hopefully we can keep it going. :cowboy:

Good post. Right on. What a turn around. We were good at times earlier in the season, but now we look great. :rockin:

I think after the loss to Winnipeg, we looked to be down and out. The Cat's have clawed back viciously and are ready to go for round 3. I doubt the Bomber's will be able to take it to us again.

#4 - Setta's return to last year's standards in all aspects of his kicking game.

What a final game it will be, Glenn returning to the Peg, you know he and the cats will be ready.
I Believe!
Doc 8)

Accurate assessments. Glenn, McIntyre, Adams, and Setta back to his normal form has this team rolling at the right time of the year.

Its definitely about the offensive and defensive lines. This is not the same team and its still not about the QB

It was a true balanced team effort and win against a good team that needed to win. This was the best win this year, filled with many positives to build off of. I think the rest of the CFL will be taking notice of this game, it was a statement game. I see good things a brewin’. :thup:

i also think the addition of arlund bruce has made our receivers play better

I'd almost rank Stala ahead of that acquisition. The guy is "CLUTCH".

Stala is the meat and potatoes. Bruce is the triple chocolate mousse

Agree 100%. AB3 made all the receivers 10% better than they were before he arrived. It also gave Glenn a legit #1 guy to throw to. What a snag by Obie and it didn't even cost him a guy off the roster!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

High maintenance but a game changer. His outburst was handled well here and botched in Toronto. Neither team ignored it but everyone in Hamilton seemed to be on the same page in keeping him in check

AKT: at the risk of turning this great thread negative - It is about the QB. Glenn is making the offensive line look good with a quick release and in turn the O-line is returning the favour by busting their butts to protect him.
And - There was no outburst by Arland Bruce. He simply and quite tactfully said what had to be said. It was actually from that moment when the team began to jell.
Now let's get back to celebrating a great win....

No the offensive line is making the offensive line look good. Cobb is benefiting from it as well.

And yes Arland Bruce was read the riot act for his outburst about the QB situation

O and BTW we aren't winning because the offense is better. We are winning because the defense is better. The QB has zero to do with that

No, there is a reason why Glenn has not been sacked and it is in large part his ability to get the ball away quickly and or get out of trouble. Put Porter in and our sacks will return - mark my words.
I doubt very much Arland was read the riot act... by the sounds of it he was talked to by the coaching staff. there is a big difference. But you believe whatever you wish.

I have nothing more to add to the conversation.

Go Cats Go.

Disagree completely. The offensive line and receivers should be embarrassed the way they were playing. The entire defense should have been even more embarrassed. The OC should have been replaced. And Bruce doesn't even know how to spell tact. This team was a mess. Bruce's outburst brought it to a head no doubt. He immediately came out and apologized. That was not voluntary IMO. The handling of that situation sent a message to everyone. Shut up and do your own job, because frankly right then everyone was horrible

Wow so much negativity and fighting on these forums and after a big and very very important victory too. Yes we sucked royally a few weeks ago in pretty much every category, no Bruce did not have the right to speak out like that, yes Bruce was right Glenn is the QB of now and he's proved it the past 3 weeks. There, saved another 4 and 1/2 hours of fighting :roll:

you know that for a fact do you????

:lol: :lol: :lol: :P

Pretty much sums up my feelings 15