Three Bold Predictions

I hope Speedy reads this and is extra motivated to leave no question that he deserves the new numbers that will appear, for the first time, on his TiCat pay cheque this weekend.

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Very bold prediction, sounds like he's not a Banks fan

Is it possible, even remotely so, that CFL fans and media got so caught up in Banks’ great playoff performance this past season and that the diminutive returner is, dare I say, a little overrated? As we can see, Banks’ numbers hardly jump off the page. His kick return average of 23.4 yards is good for just fifth on this list; his punt return average, sixth. Notice how strongly Banks’ numbers resemble those of Tim Brown’s and remember that Brown is currently making $725/week to practice with the Stampeders after being unceremoniously cut by the Lions prior to training camp.

If you notice the guy who wrote the article ( John Hodge ) is a Bomber fan......enough said :roll:

Not sure if you can attribute everything to the author's allegiances. He also predicted that young QBs would dominate the MOP nominations, but only named Mitchell, Reilly and Collaros. No Willy.

Predicting more 2-point converts this year is not that bold. I predict the success rate of 1-point converts will drop.

As for Banks, I can see why other teams' fans would be tired of the hype. And undoubtedly he cannot maintain the pace he posted during last year's final stretch. However, the fact that Banks' best work came in those must-win games means a few things:

  • he's a clutch performer
  • even when other teams are completely focused on him, they still can't stop him completely
  • his last few games were his best-ever games. It's possible he's reached a new level of comfort with the game and the most recent results reflect that.

Brandon Banks won you the EDF against the Als pretty much on his own. He deserves the accolades he's receiving. You can't just go by stats. Athletically, the guy is a game-breaker.

Check the comments. Some guy I might know (hint, hint) wrote a rebuttal to the author's first point.

Speedy B wont make 10 kick off returns for TD's this season. Our defence wont allow TD's to give him the opportunity :rockin:

Well, the writer got the response he was hoping for from TiCat fans.

I read quite a bit on the CFL and I had never heard of the author before the birth of 3DownNation. Moreover, he has no listed experience other than that he is a fan of the Bombers and has written a blog for a year. Heck, he quoted his Toronto born, non-football fan girlfriend as an authority on point-after kicks.

I take his experience and his sources as an indication of the quality of his opinion.

Or you could look at it the other way, the guy said 10 return Touchdowns not just kickoffs - so that means if the defense did their job and forcing the other team to punt then he could return a lot of punts for TDs.

His last punt return in that game, he was surrounded by at least 4 Als players, but snuck through two of them on his way for the touchdown. I've also seen him weave around his blockers to avoid tacklers. He's very elusive, and let's not forget that speed too.

All totaled, Brandon Banks scored 4 touchdowns off returns in two of the biggest games of last season. Unfortunately, two were called back. He also took a missed field goal attempt by Montreal to the house in an important game in 2013 to bring Hamilton back for the victory. He seems to rise to the occasion.

Those are factors that stats can't quantify.

Yes, he could get injured. But, then so could I walking to my car after work today. Kent Austin has already said publicly that he will be monitoring Brandon's game time and participation to make sure that he doesn't get worn out, as the coach already realizes his importance to the return game. So, the critic is off target on that statement.

Will he get 10 return TD's this season? Probably not. He may get very close, though.

Overrated? If Hamilton were to release him for some crazy reason. I'm sure this doubter would be among the first to be calling for HIS team, to sign Brandon Banks.

A Blue Bomber fan taking a verbal shot at a Hamilton player.

That's original.

Well, I don't know the writer, so I won't impute his objectivity. All I'm saying, and this is an extension of your point, old fan, is that Banks is a damn good player, and an electrifying one to boot. He's a difference-maker and should be even more effective with the new blocking rules for punts.

Yes, Discipline, with those new blocking rules for punt coverage, that is one of the reasons why, I think, he may be even more dangerous and successful. With more room and time, Brandon Banks COULD get very close to that 10.

It should be a lot of fun to watch from Hamilton.

Not so much fun for us Als fans... :cry: :wink:

As it was in last season's eastern final. I understand.

I remember a number of years ago, watching Johnny Rodgers running backwards into the end zone against my Tiger cats, repeatedly. It was painful and maddening.

I know where you're coming from!!!

Well, we're hoping Montreal will rise again, but right now, the division is Hamilton's to lose. I wish your team all the best, except when playing us, of course. Returners like Banks are great for the league.

There are too many factors that can decide a successful season, injuries, talent, scheduling, chemistry and just plain luck to know that. I am hopeful and excited for the season to begin.

Thank you for the kind thoughts. And I wish your team my best, except against my Tiger Cats.

Stay well.

The point that I was attempting to make was that Banks is NOT our only weapon on returns. With Quincy McDuffie and Terrell Sinkfield both scoring return TDs last year as well, and with both Tim Smith and Ray Holley returning kicks well in the pre-season, that the Tiger-Cats AS A TEAM might come close to scoring 10 return TDs with the new rules.

There would have been better ways to make a "bold prediction" on punt returns. To "predict" that a player will not get 10 return TDs is about as bold as predicting that Bo Levi Mitchell will not throw 60 TD passes.

If you want to impress me, tell me who will lead the league in return TDs. Leading candidates are Banks and Williams, the guy who set the record the last time he played in the league. Or it is someone else?

One could also go out on a limb and try to predict how the return game might change as a result of the new rules. For example, will more teams put two guys back on punt returns to take advantage of the delay in tacklers getting downfield? Will there be more trick plays by the punting teams, or fewer?

In his writing, this person stated that some Tiger cat fans might react to it. That indicates to me that his motive was to incite, not necessarily to make a genuine statement.

He also made it the first item on his list, so he likely wanted the major focus to be that remark or to gain attention.

His reasoning was weak.

I agree, that he could have taken a different and, perhaps, more reasoned approach. Didn't because he was seeking focus rather than credibility.

Not very bold predictions are they? He seems willing to be vague but short on specifics. For instance he predicted Winnipeg would pay Hamilton back in the preseason for the spanking they laid on them last year. When that didn't happen and someone called him on it, he said I stated it might happen. Not really worth a lot of considerstion.