Three Big Cheers...........for Bob Young

Being a die-hard fan of this team for the past forty odd years....We as fans of this club, are with-out a dought, some of the most hardcore group of people ( in any sport ) in Canada....hands-down.
Having an Owner like Bob Young who I believe has done everything within his power....and bucks I must add, to finally put a G.M. a Coaching Staff, who in turn will put the right group of players on the field for this team.
Blow it up.....rebuild it from the ground up.....
Bob has done....just that.
Hell....Bob even has the guts to come on and speak to us....from time to time.
What more can a fan ask for......Nothing.
Three cheers for Bob Young.
We are all dam Cat have him.

Bob, I thought you didn't want us having more than one username on here. :wink:

Just a little joke. I don't think anyone can deny that he's done great things for the team and he's committed to making us a winner.

I remember, not too many years ago, the poor attendance that just about ended the Cat's history in Hamilton. At that time the only thing previous ownership did to try and entice us back to the stadium was threaten if fans didn't start coming out, the Cats would be history. Save The Cats!

Well, that's like saying; "You'd better buy this product otherwise we're gonna take it off the shelves!"


I feel like Bob listened to the fans, put his a$$ and money on the line to enhance the fan experience and we have what we're all enjoying now.

I must admit that there was a time I thought the Cats would be gone and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Bob may not have saved the Cats single handedly, but pretty close to it.


It's all about people investing in their communities, as long, of course, as there is a potential that any enterprise for that person(s) isn't a bust financially but quite potentially profitable if operated correctly. Bob saw this here and communicated with the city, fans etc. to make something happen.

Now if something like this could happen in another city in Ontario with a suspended franchise, that would be sweet!

Bob is Special as a Owner Of a Pro Sports Team
(sorry Bob I know don't like to called an Owner)
Most won't give Fans the Time of Day.
Mind you He Dose Remind me of Lemar Hunt
Mr Hunt was also alot like our Bob

Ask Fans in KC about Mr Hunt and Hear lot Similarity to Bob Young

Bob the Caretaker is Indeed a Special Man.

Now that's funny! :lol:

Bob has a family zone and a player with a crimial record on this pay roll

is that some kind of new fangled punk music???

Three cheer's for bob ,he is the best owner we've had in ticat history ,what other football team owner post's on there fan forum?

Yes it is but the ticats won't allow me to post the artist.I guess they don't like that type of music.

I would not go that far..
He is The best Owner We had Since Harold Ballard.

Under Ballard's ownership, the Tiger-Cats made it to the Grey Cup championship game in 1980, 1984, and 1985, and won the Cup in their fourth attempt in 1986.
Ballard Teams Made it Grey Cup 4 Times
Winning Once.

So Ballard help Win A Grey Cup.
Somthing Bob I am Shure On his to Do List.

Untill He Wins a Grey Cup He #2 in My Book

Pal Hall is #1...

I'm not sure what one has to do with the other??