Three Argos remain in COVID-19 protocol, may not play in Labour Day Classic |

If Bladek and Blake can’t go, that’s two starting olinemen for Argos out. And Collins has been playing well for them. Hopefully we don’t see another outbreak on this or any other team.

Great article.
Absolutely no indication of what has to happen for them to play or not play.

The main concern is that the Argos don't spread Covid to the Cats. It would be a bittersweet Labour Day victory if 4 of our players came down with Covid.

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Let’s hope they’ve been able to contain it to these three players. With two back to back games four days apart, could be disastrous for the teams and league. Argos already had to reschedule the Elks contest, not sure there is another window to fit one of these games in.


League would move mountains to find a favourable slot for a rescheduled Argos game, unlike for EDM which had to take a steaming pot of poop.

That they brought about themselves.


Well now what, damnit?

Oh like other fans I'm sore about it, but it's certainly better than a forfeit.

What phrasing there! Did you write that in anger or bitterness, or was it done with glee? You sure did not mince words.

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Is it better? Could lose 3 games instead of 1 now.

I’m not angry about EDM’s schedule- more like disbelief. I posted about it in another thread.

This could happen to any team. There is actually less flexibility to reschedule as the season goes on, so consequences could be harsher (i.e. forfeit) for a team that goes longer without an outbreak.


I know many are hoping for that for obvious reasons, but I'll take a shot at one of those that would be an automatic loss. Many fans agree including even those of the Argos. A forfeit win is an empty victory. For the other two games, they are played no matter what and no excuses if away.

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The CFL's intentions are to play ALL games, Covid can affect any team at any time, lets hope we get through the rest of the season with minor issues, all issues.
To complete as many games as possible is the correct response, if by any chance a later game cannot be rescheduled unfortunately that may be the end result. We don't live in a perfect world. Last year we would be happy to reschedule a few games to have a season.

Any more rhetoric on this subject and I will cut off your allowance and make you eat liver for supper!!


All I meant is that 3 games in 9 days or whatever it is is basically impossible.

You get liver for supper then too! :sweat_smile:

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They wish it was three games in nine days. It is actually three games in seven days.

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Yeah so as I said before, I'd rather have 1 forfeit and 2 regularly scheduled games

On top of that the travel will kill them.

Fly to SASK, fly to TO and then fly all the way to BC.

Even 3 home games in 6 days would have been pretty hard but that travelling is brutal.

I agree with all you say, here, ExPat. The Elks will play 3 games, all on the road, in Regina, Toronto and Vancouver with 3 days and 3.5 hours between the first two kickoffs, and then 3 days and 3 hours between the second and third kickoffs. So, from the first kickoff to the end of the third game, it'll be 6 days and 9 or 9.5 hours, and their travels wil involve 4 flights, covering close to 7500 air km.
Considering that result, as the best that could be accomplished after just 3 weeks of the schedule, I doubt, very much, that even one more postponed league game will be rescheduled. So, I also agree with your earlier post about the league moving mountains for the Argos.

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And that's their punishment for having so many covid cases.