Three 1st round draft choices what do you go after?

I would go for the best player regardless of position. got me, I don't have a clue who might be out there let alone who might be worth going after....

In most cases they draft in the positions of need right. So in the this case with three first rounders it might be best to go for the best player not the position.

Barker did say with the team having 3 of the top 6 draft picks this year (#'s 3, 5 and 6) that team could trade one of those picks. If not the team will be looking at improving it's Canadian content at all positions, including receiver.

He also mentioned the possibility of trades involving current players.

I think that with 3 picks virtually in a row, you do both--take at least one player just because he is the best available, and at least one based on your most critical need and then use the third in either direction, depending somehat upon which players are available.
Should be a good draft for Calgary.

....I agree, makes sense terms of wants and needs this is where I see our priority list, not in terms of how we should draft per se (because I doubt there is an outstanding backup QB in the draft) but in terms of what needs to be addressed overall:

  1. Backup QB
  2. Defensive Backs
  3. Defensive Line
  4. Special Teams
  5. Linebacker Corps
    6a. Offensive Backfield
    6b. Offensive Line
    6c. Receivers other words, I think our offense is fine except for someone to push Burris....our Defense has me concerned (the bend but don't break D from last year allowed some horrendous numbers against)....I'd like to see the draft used to address this area, be it directly or through a trade of one or two of those first round picks.... fact, lets trade all those picks for Buck Pierce....I'm good with that....

I would not do that R&W as you well know your team is only as good as your Canadian content. I would use all three for the best player available regardless of position. This would allow trades in the future.