Threats on the 5th quarter

To the "gentleman" who basically threatened Desjardins on the 5th quarter....

Don't get season tickets, we don't need people like you!!!!

The guy says if we don't get Don Matthews as the head coach he won't renew his season tickets.

Where do these people come from?

You want to complain the team is problem.

You want to complain that the service is problem.

You don't renew your season tickets.....that's your perogative.

But to threaten you won't come back if you don't sign this guy or not.......we don't need you

A threat??? LMAO! It was simply a condition.

No diff than all the gab on this site about not renewing if prices go up.

You see bud; everyone spends their money on condition!

[quote="laughinghard"][quote="TheGodfather"]To the "gentleman" who basically threatened Desjardins on the 5th quarter....

DonFair enough......but

what do you do to the guy who calls in and gives the condition that you don't sign Don Matthews? (in this particular instance)

It never don't want to buy tickets....don't buy tickets.

I agree Godfather , if you dont want to buy thats fine . I dont want to hear about it . Do it, dont just talk about it !!!!

The guy TOLD Marcel to sign Don Matthews, Trade Maas back to Edmonton and Holmes to Sask for Andy Fantuz, then Marcel said that Don was not a viable option at his age and health... Moron caller said its not a viable option to renew.

How Ted deals with these people from week to week is beyond me.

What? He actually said that he wouldn't renew season tickets unless all these things happened? And he actually suggested that Holmes be traded even up for Fantuz? Well, we obviously hired the wrong person to be the general manger of this team. Where was this individual when we were looking to hire one?

Seriously though, I missed that and I'll just have to wait for the podcast to become available. I might get a good laugh out of it when I get to hear it then.

Hey Crash, was that guy mightypope? lol

Yea he some something very close to this:
"Hire Don Matthews, trade Maas back to Edmonton for anything we can get, trade Holmes back to Saskatchewan for Andy Fantuz, a guy we were in line to draft before we traded the pick"

Actually i thought the same thing lol, but the Pope did agree that the guy was probably drunk… makes me wonder who else it could have been? lol

It was Godfrey trying to stir the CFL pot

This management team (or any for that matter) should never listen to fans on personnel or player moves. Listen to them regarding anything but football decisions. There is no way Matthews is coming here anyways so my next question is...I wonder where this guy sits, maybe I can move my tickets to a better location?

Anyone that thinks they know enough to call the GM and tell him to do those things will be back.

Good to point out this friggin goofball Godfather, I heard him as well and basically said "we don't need you as a fan anyway, get outta here."

Probably the same guy shouting for a No Yards call on one Winnipeg kick-off. Too funny!!!

One of the best of all time calls to the 5th came in '97 (or thereabouts) when the brother of a player had parked his car right on Balsam and received a parking ticket.
He called the 5th after and was so hammered it was hard to understand him as he rambled about
"who's going to pay this"
"My brother plays here and I shouldn't have to put up with this ****" "
"nice way to threat players families" etc etc.....
There's been so many classics over the years CHML should do a 'Best of' show.

No I'm not going to name the player, it's not his fault his brother's a drunken turd.

I heard that guy say that. I could'nt stop lauphing. Who wants this clown around the stadium anyways. Desjarden did'nt know what to say at first, but he did handle it well.

Yeah, I was awaiting Desjardins' radio appearance with anticipation and was largely disappointed with most of the callers. A wasted oppurtunity, IMO.

Oh well.

Sources on the inside have revealed that it was actually Bob Young after having taken too many painkillers in effort to dull the pain of the season.

If you dont beleive me, ask McMahon

Well, there are some less-than knowledgeable individuals who call into that show, but that one sure stands out as being unintentionally funny. I’ll be sure to download and listen to the podcast when I get the chance. I do have to hear it to believe it. I mean…

And all this had to be done for this person to renew season tickets?!


Oh my! The entire organization is being threatened! How are we going to meet these demands?! This person has essentially become the general manager! I mean, we can’t afford to lose a season ticket holder! This is a serious threat being made by a dangerous individual! But was this person at least willing to negotiate that we lose the whole “trade a most outstanding player nominee for some receiver with potential” part of the deal?!

Yes, I suppose we could have some fun with what was said, as I just did with that Jon Stewart-like response.