Threads Opening in Middle

The past several days, when I click on a new thread and then click at the bottom where the time of the most recent post is, I get sent to the middle of the thread instead of to that last post.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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same here

Ditto here as well Dave .

OK, good that it's not just me.

@MattL91 Any ideas on how to fix this?

Me too. Sometimes it sends me there when my finger hovers over the screen on my phone and I don’t even touch the screen.

Sounds to me like you're experiencing a tremor in the force.

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was doing this yesterday but is ok today.

It is definitely not with me, but against me.

Hmm, it was happening for me 30 minutes ago but now seems OK. Perhaps there was a quick fix.

Still happening on my end.

Yup. Annoying, isn't it.
Hasn't happened so far this morning.

That's just a super power you received when you got your 3rd C-19 shot. Just wait till you get #4 you'll be able to transport yourself but only for short distances.

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yes me too

Transport yourself? Or the other thing lol😆

How do I do this on my phone?

I got #4 a while ago.

Has this happened to you yet?



No but almost everyone in our office but me has contracted Covid at some point.

I've never been tested positive and as far as I know I've never had C-19, though I have had many of the symptoms at times. Without an actual test one never knows.

Edit.... I get my 4th on Thursday, did the sore arm get any stronger on the 4th shot?

I actually only was a little bit sore after my first shot and the last two were like a mosquito bite. Way better than getting Covid for sure. I was supposed to be working on something with someone today who caught Covid over the weekend.