Thread deletion explanation requested

Could someone in the Mod Squad explain how a tasteful thread regarding best wishes to the Meridian Credit Union Tiger-Cats tyke football team in the Welland area in their upcoming playoff game called "CATS PLAYOFF BOUND" got nuked while Arland Bruce III can be smeared as a locker room cancer and that stuff stays? Thanks in advance.


A modest content provider.

Jr Ironmen are in the playoffs to and play at Mac :slight_smile:. I was going to post in that thred POOF it was gone HAHA

Mike Vick stuff? ON THE BOARD.

If it’s moved to off-topic, cool. Just don’t POOF any local football content references!

quite sad actually, thread deletion without at least a PM why is just utter BS, it's a common thing on the boards

Could we agree that a LOCAL CANADIAN AMATEUR FOOTBALL forum should be established on It baffles me why any news that promotes kids playing local football should be dismssed. Ever.

I just posted this as a request on the site for to consider. I am not pleased that a serious thread got removed sans explanation.


You have been a member far to long to expect any different. are VERY CORRECT.

Shameful on the part of the mods.

I understand it happens, but it rarely happens to a thread I start. I don't get the zero communication part at all.

"while Arland Bruce III can be smeared as a locker room cancer and that stuff stays?"

"Stays" ? That Arland Bruce thread you mentioned was removed a long time ago as far as I know. (and rightfully so I might add)

There are many threads that are either locked or removed outright at times for whatever reasons the moderators have that we don't know about . I see it as no big deal really. I don't think they have to explain everything all the time.

Of more importance is why the price of gas just jumped by almost 4 cents overnight....... Now, THAT'S an issue worthy of explanations!! :x

That’s an easy one.

Long weekend. :cry:

Got another tank is empty