Thoughts towards bettering the TEAM/Gameday Experience.

It is a dark era of football for Tiger Cat fans. The team has fallen to 1-10, and the ‘saviour’ was made to look like every other quarterback to get the starting nod. I spent hours thinking about things tonight. Most of the thoughts that rolled through my head were full of negativity and expletives. However, I decided to tackle this, (unlike our DB’s) from a different angle. I decided to contribute some positive thoughts and ideas towards bettering the team…..instead of bashing it.

Bob Young got it all wrong. He spent too long focusing on fixing the off-field stuff. Too much attention was put towards marketing, management, etc. He did things backwards. He filled the stands for all these years and made us watch garbage on the field for far too long now. Bad business decision. Look where we are now. Despite the much anticipated debut of quarterback Casey Printers, attendance was sparse. And it doesn’t take a genius to realize it will get worse.

These are just FACTS. So, instead of bashing the owner, the coaches, the players, or plays where we opt to run missed field goals out of the endzone and fumble the ball giving up yet another touchdown……I’ve decided to contribute my thoughts and ideas towards making this a better team and gameday experience.

  1. “HAMMER TIME? is cool and all….but discontinue this until this team has a winning record. Because to us, it is only an embarrassing reminder of the beating we are about to take from the visiting team.

  2. Trade Bauman and Brock. Seriously, how many dropped balls does it take for management to say, “wow, I think we made a big mistake?. I don’t care if they get an empty pop can for the two of these guys! At least it would be more productive!
    A step in the right direction is taking away things that pull us into the wrong direction. This is professional football, at a professional level….and if a player cannot compete then he should not be here.

  3. PROTECT your INVESTMENTS! The Tiger Cat organization will be finding out real soon what it means to eat a huge contract if they don’t invest in an offensive line capable of protecting their star quarterback Casey Printers. I can’t believe that nowhere else in North America could our coaches find at least ‘average’ offensive linemen capable of actually protecting a quarterback. Basically, why can’t we find big fat guys to do their only job!! Each and every one of them should be released. I was disgusted at how many times defenders breezed past our line and took down Printers who was running for his life in the backfield. A sorry sight, I actually felt bad for #1.

  4. Our DB’s. Wow, where do I begin. Again, spend some money on a decent scout who will find people that can cover receivers, and know how to do their jobs!! It’s like watching a bunch of quarterbacks playing as DB’s……you’re not fooling anyone!! I have been watching our DB’s get burned one on one for years now…..and seriously, it’s getting old. REPLACE THEM ALL WITH QUALITY DB’S and lets move on.

  5. Get another big name receiver to compliment Jason Armstead and move along.

  6. Throw the offensive playbook in the garbage. Write a new one based on Casey Printers’/Jesse Lumsden’s abilities. Make it a $25,000 fine for any player or coach to ever run that stupid screen play to the outside that every other team but US can run effectively.

  7. Seriously consider bringing in a proven guy like Wally Buono as a head coach. Keep the rest of the coaches on board. Too much change only makes for another excuse for 'giving the players time' to adjust to a new system. Also, whoever it is, make DAMN sure he teaches the players the RULES of the game so players can avoid committing penalties!!!!

8) Lastly, for God sakes, lets make the damn stadium a fun place to watch a football game. It used to have a tough reputation. Now it’s full of ballerinas turning around and telling people to ‘watch their language’ and such. If there was a product on the field, or some real talent to watch maybe the fans would stop swearing at the one hundred dollars they spent on ticket and concessions.
  1. I lied…one more….DO NOT RAISE SEASON TICKET PRICES. Instead lock in current season ticket holders to three year deals at a cheaper price.

These are my opinions and ideas. By reading them over, I realize that we aren’t that far off having a competitive football team. Anyone else seeing what I’m seeing????

#9 is never going to happen. But I like the idea.


And please, no more cold food. My hot dog was cold when I got it back to my seat. Next time I tried a sausage, cold again.

And don't raise concession prices next year unless you are willing to fix that simple, basic, problem.

Totally agree ArgosStink

I think I'd be content if we went back to blacking out home games. out all Ticat games!

Bob Young got it all wrong. He spent too long focusing on fixing the off-field stuff.
Well he had to fix up the off field stuff. Remember all the positive buzz in town after his arrival. It actually bought the team some time to field a better team.

But he's been in charge for a few years now and the product on the field is terrible. We need to be better on the field and management acknowledged that much in the off-season. Of course we're still waiting for positive results. So basically I think you could say the Bob Young era in Hamilton is all sizzle and no steak.

Personally, I could care less for all this 'improved game-day experience' stuff. I don't bother spending time on the concourse level playing the games or whatever it is they fixed up. I'm there sitting in the stands and watching a football game. And that product is pitiful.

You want to improve the game day experience, then put together a competitive football team. I could stand a poor record as long as we're in games. Not losing every week 34-4 (or worse).

The service at the concessions was brutal on saturday. The lackadazical teens behind the counter is a bit much at times. With the prices they charge and the revenue it must generate, they can't afford to alienate the fans yet another way.