Thoughts/predictions about Calgary vs B.C. on Friday?

Any thoughts guys about the game coming up this Friday? Edmonton looked very good against Calgary last week and appears much improved considering where these teams finished up last year. Was Calgary just off last week perhaps?

What will the Lions have to do to beat Calgary? And don't say "score more points"! Duh! lol
What are Calgary's weaknesses this year? Who does B.C. have to fear? Who should Calgary be concerned about on the Lions team?

Calgary played Toronto last week.

As for your question of what the Lions will have to do to beat Calgary… they need to call more than 4 running plays, especially when faced with 1st and goal from the two. Wouldn’t hurt if the D showed up in the first half as well.

OOOPS! My mistake. Thanks Chronic Guy for catching that. Yes, it was Toronto that beat Calgary on that last minute field goal if I’m not mistaken.

Edmonton did of course do very well against Saskatchewan. Surprisingly well!

Calgary/BC game should be good if the D does show up at the start of the game. I’d hate to see us get burned too many times on those 40 and 50 yard receptions

Frankly it's all going to be line play. We need to pressure the QB (rushing 3 is never going to get the job done a la 2 Als TD's last week). Conversely we need to give Lulay time to work. The little quick guys might look good running around but the big fat ones decide who wins!

Another Tim Brown TD might help me forget that drug dealer guy a bit more.

saddle up, tonight we ride

Calgary’s D-line is hurting, so hopefully we can take advantage of that. And the Lions better run the ball more, that drove me nuts last week!

stamps by 20

I don’t think it’ll be by that much, perhaps the Stamps cover the spread. Lions are favoured by 2.5 to 3 Pts.

yeash i always throw out crazy predicitions. should be interesting with some of our starters out. i want to leave work early and start beering it up for the games… must resist…

No problem :slight_smile: I was shocked at how sharp the Esks. looked.

You and me both. I can’t count how many times I yelled at the tv for them to run the ball. I even got a bang on the wall from the apartment next door when i yelled “why won’t you run the f*****g ball?” after Jackson got sacked on the 1st and goal from the 2. He did not pick the best time to bang… cuz i fired off some choice words for him about him and his buddies yelling all through the Canucks playoff run. Didn’t hear a peep from him after that. :cowboy:

We need to work deep on the new secondary. It's too bad that our D-Line has degraded so much the past 1-2 years because we used to be top of the league in sacks for a while before that.

Don't miss any FG attempts, and hope Maver botches a few again and we should be good. I remember him having trouble at both Lions game I saw last year while living in Calgary and he did bad last week (though that was due to an injury).