thoughts on Toronto/Hamilton

Well the result has been eating away at me all night, but I have to hand it to the Ti-cats and their fans. The Ti-cats didn't look anything like the team we've been used to seeing this year, and it shouldn't be a surprise, as they always save their best for the argos on labour day. Hamilton played a solid team game on both sides of the ball, with everyone getting it done. Toronto played very well also, but Damon Allen was VERY sloppy with protecting the ball, and that ended up being the difference in the game. The Ti-cats look like they could make the playoffs if they keep playing games like this. Oh well, Toronto is still tops in the east and Hamilton's got some work to do if they wanna catch up. Gotta hand it to McManus, atleast for tonight. I can't wait for the re-match in Toronto, should be another great game.

Damn i hate those Ti-cats!!!


To me this was a win / win situation. I picked HAMILTON to win.

Even though I am an ARGO fan , the CATS WINNING at home like this is great for their francise.

You can bet that ticket sales for the rematch in TORONTO will be huge , with many more CAT fans going to the R.C. on SATURDAY. :smiley:

It should be a different result in OUR house........but what a great game and commercial for the CFL. :smiley:

Gonna be Toronto this weekend. I beating in Roger Center by the Argos for their stupid new logos, sweet revenge!

I will be there enjoy a contest win.FREE FOOD at a tail gate before the game.

Now the Bombers are not alone. :slight_smile: I should have picked them to win last week..but I didn't but I'll pick Toronto again for this week because I don't see this happening again. Especially, winning on the road. Good job though Tabbies.

I Gotta Say, I Still Don't Understand How It Happend, I Was There And I'm Still Wonderring How The Defending Grey Cup Champs And Top Team In The East Division Lost To A Team That Only Had One Win In The Entire First Half Of The Season.

Extremely Looking Forward To The Rematch Here On Saterday. And After Seeing That Guy With The Allen Doll Win Whatever Contest They Had For Fan Of The Game I'll Be Keeping My Eye Out For A Tiger Doll I Can Mutalate.

But what a game it was, both Labour day games were a gem to watch. The crowds at both games were on the edge of there seats and very loud.

It is easier to understand if you think of it this way. L.D. games have something magic about them. Hamilton is a much better team than their record would indicate.The ARGOS have not played well , neither did MONTREAL ,CALGARY..ect.........after a long lay off.

The ARGOS sometimes have trouble beating HAMILTON at home , no matter how bad the team is.It is one of those things.

Of all the L.D. week end games........the home teams won 3 of 4.

It should be the ARGOS' turn next week, in TORONTO.

Congratz on scoring passes to the "Frank's Red Hot" tailgate, hello. I was given 2 free passes as a season ticket holder and used them for the home opener vs. B.C. They provide sodas, burgers, hot dogs and popcorn with condiments, including the 4 different varieties of the sponsor's hot sauce.

But getting back to the real "meat" of this msg...

The rematch at SkyDump will be electric: Ti-Cat fans coming up the QEW for the game, 3pm start, and hopefully an open roof. If this game doesn't pull in a bigger number than the 30,000+ we got at the home opener, I'll be surprised.

You didn't see, Bamboo? One of the Argo fans in Box-G (a few rows down from where I was sitting) had one of those extender poles with a Tigger doll being hung from a noose. Expect at least a couple of those at the Dump on Saturday.

Yeah, I Would’ve Been About Ten Or Fifteen Rows Back And A Little Over In Section 6 From That Group Of Argo Fans And I’ve Seen That Guy Everytime We Play Hamilton, That’s Where I Got The Idea. Except I Want To Take It To The Next Level, I Want To Have A Plastic Sword Going Right Through The Middle Of The Tiger.

That might be a little too graphic for stadium security.. especially the anal retentive ones they have at the Dump. You'd be lucky to get it through the gate.


Thanks it should be great......the food and the game.It is reality check time for HAMILTON.It should have a great crowd.