Thoughts on the Ticats' receiving corps

Here’s some thoughts on our receivers heading into 2019. One of our greatest strengths in 2018, with lots of depth – unfortunately injuries forced us to reach way further down on the depth chart than we would have liked. Lots of uncertainty for next season given the number of free agents.

In order of 2018 receiving yardage:

BANKS, Brandon (Free Agent)
14 games, 94 catches, 1423 yards, 11 TDs
Best season: 2018
Age: 30

In the discussion for best in the league, in only his second season as a starting receiver. Has always been a playmaker (although primarily on special teams), with the intangibles that you just can’t teach. I wasn’t sold on his hands after 2017, but I thought he made excellent progress in 2018. Great rapport with Masoli, great ability to get open. Has always been among the most durable players in the league until this year. We need Speedy B back next year. Hopefully he will be motivated in part by the great success he’s had here, and the fact that he is closing in on some all-time Ticat records.

TASKER, Luke (signed for 2019)
15 games, 78 catches, 1104 yards, 11 TDs
Best season: 2018
Age: 27

A star receiver since his rookie year in 2013, and still getting better every season. Among the best hands in the league. Not known for his speed, but started breaking short catches for long gains in 2018 through sheer force of will. The only proven veteran receiver we have signed for 2019. Will be central to our offence once again. Six-year veteran, still only 27 years old. Climbing the list of top Ticat receivers of all time.

JONES, Mike (Free Agent) (NAT)
18 games, 49 catches, 841 yards, 3 TDs
Best season: 2018
Age: 26

Breakout season in 2018. Prone to drops, but spectacular catches seemed to outweigh the drops in the latter part of 2018. Has an ability to get open deep. Was supposed to be our #5 receiver, but clawed his way to #3. Probably has upside as his confidence grows. Second among NAT players in receiving yardage, could be sought after in free agency.

SAUNDERS, Jalen (Free Agent)
9 games, 45 catches, 739 yards, 2 TDs
Best season: 2017
Age: 26

Thought he was having a breakout season in 2018 before getting injured on Labour Day. Perhaps a strange thing to say after his 1,000-yard rookie season, but Jalen seemed to step things up in 2018, with more big plays and a shot at the league yardage crown. He impressed me more this season than last season. Thought he might have earned an NFL tryout for 2019. Now everything is in limbo given the injury. I hope he heals quickly and finds his way back to HAM.

TOLIVER, Terrence (Free Agent)
11 games, 32 catches, 456 yards, 1 TD
Best season: 2016
Age: 30

Must have been a frustrating season for TT after fighting back from a devastating 2017 injury. Never seemed to have the rapport with Masoli despite being teammates for four seasons. May not fit the June Jones mold of small, fast receivers. Another injury-plagued season in 2018 could limit his options for 2019.

LAWRENCE, Rashad (signed for 2019)
6 games, 17 catches, 131 yards, 0 TDs
Best/only season: 2018
Age: 26

Made some good catches, but seemed to have fallen out of favour late in the season. Didn’t get many targets in the games he played. Didn’t get back into the lineup even after the receiving corps was decimated, as coaches looked to other options like Addison. Still on his rookie contract, so could be an affordable option for 2019.

WILLIAMS, Chris (Free Agent)
4 games (with HAM), 10 catches, 114 yards, 0 TDs
Best season: 2012
Age: 31

Didn’t really make a mark in HAM this year after arriving via the Manziel trade, but only played in three full games for us. Has never been the same after his 2016 injury in OTT, and that is now compounded by another injury suffered in 2018. Used to compensate for average hands with his blistering speed. May face an uphill battle to get starting receiver money in free agency.

ADDISON, Bralon (signed for 2019)
2 games (regular season), 8 catches, 113 yards, 1 TD
Best/only season: 2018
Age: 25

Easily our find-of-the-year in the receiving corps. Came on strong in the final regular season game and two playoff games, with a combined 24 catches for 357 yards in those three starts. Very high expectations for 2019 – hard to imagine him not being slotted in as a starter. Could make Saunders (over even Banks if his asking price is seen as too high) seem expendable to management, but it would be great to see them all on the field together. Jones obviously loves the guy, as does Masoli.

5 games (with a reception), 7 catches, 93 yards, 0 TDs (regular season)
Best season: 2018
Age: 26

Listed here because he was a back-up receiver all season, even though he saw more reps as an RB. Played well whenever he had the opportunity. Great football instincts, always gave full effort. Could be a valued free agent given his versatility. Would be a shame to lose him – hopefully he avoids any temptation to play in Quebec given the state of the local franchise there.

BUREN, Justin (signed for 2019) (NAT)
4 games, 8 catches, 85 yards, 0 TDs
Best/only season: 2018
Age: 23

Didn’t appear comfortable to me in his first few games as a starter, but showed he belongs by the end of the season. Haven’t seen enough of him to really have an opinion. Certain to be back in 2019, most likely as a starter if we don’t re-sign Mike Jones. Not sure he still starts if all the other guys are healthy.

FAUBERT-LUSSIER, Felix (Free Agent) (NAT)
6 games, 11 catches, 74 yards, 0 TDs
Best season: 2018
Age: 27

Has yet to break out of the backup role. Seems to have been overtaken by Buren in the race for a starting job. Always thought he had decent hands, though he is certainly not the fastest guy out there. Hometown is Montreal, so could be tempted to sign there.

MCDANIEL, Marquay (Free Agent)
3 games, 8 catches, 65 yards, 0 TDs
Best season: 2013
Age: 34

Felt like a short-term rental in 2018. Whatever contribution he made (which earned him a starting spot ahead of Sinkfield in the playoffs) was not apparent in the receiving stats. Hard to imagine him playing again.

SINKFIELD, Terrell (Free Agent)
2 games, 6 catches, 55 yards, 0 TDs
Best season: 2015
Age: 28

Great asset on paper with great speed, CFL experience, and the versatility to play receiver, returner and even DB, but somehow Jones didn’t see it that way. I don’t think we’ve heard the full story publicly. Reading between the lines, he either wasn’t catching on to the Jones offence, or didn’t exhibit the right attitude in practice. Hard to see him coming back after being a healthy scratch for the biggest games of the season.

CHAMBERS, Shamawd (Free Agent) (NAT)
2018: injured, no stats
Best season: 2013
Age: 29

Played great for us in 2017, was pencilled in as a starter in 2018 before his season-ending injury. Haven’t heard anything about his recovery. His prospects for returning likely depend on his health and our ability to re-sign Mike Jones.

Great synopsis of our REC Corps Pat!

I just can’t see Banks, Saunders and Mike Jones wanting to play for any other Offence, than the June Jones/Masoli Offence they thrived on.

Expat…great review. Well thought out and to the point.

Lawrence was probably the biggest disappointment, relatively speaking. Its not like he didnt get the reps to prove himself.
Nicest surprise? Mike Jones carved out himself a role when things looked grim early on.

Goodbye, Tolliver, Sinkfield, Williams, McDaniel.

I would add Mike Jones to the goodbye list knowing how sought after his services will be on the FA market. He had a very good season for us…I think too good. He will get offered a lot of cash somewhere.

Also holding out hope we sign neg list receiver Beebe.

The guarantees are

The dream team for me at receiver would be
fine with some combination of Buren/Jones/Chapman/Chambers/Thomas Erlington
with Beebe as the 5th import

Can’t wait for the “Why Did We Overpay/ Why Did We Cheap Out./ Fire Tillman” threads.

Yup. And the “why didn’t we ignore the cap and overpay to sign player x” ones to go along with them.

A guy I’ve been following for quite a while now is Allen Lazard. Had an amazing college career at Iowa State and hasn’t gotten the nfl attention he probably deserves. If the Jaguars don’t renew him on the practice roster, he should definitely be on the watchlist of management.

This combination on the field at the same time seems damn near unstoppable.

I have to agree with Stevehvh and the Dork . Free agency can be viewed like shopping at Toys R Us or Golftown, more recently for me. You could literally blow the budget in a shopping frenzy but it feels so good !

Building through the draft, trades, and good scouting helps to maintain the cap, with the occasional free agent addition . With the new leagues emerging in the states, Canadian content becomes even more important, in my view.

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Just one comment on JJ’s so-called offence of “ fast and slick receivers?. Won’t go anywhwrw if that is all he has out on the field. The way that Masoli and a lot of QB’s work is ro throw the ball up to enable a tall/ lanky receiver to come up with thw ball. So we need these tall, fast receivers, not just short and fast. A mix as we’ve had for years is the solution not the JJ BRAND!

  • Sub.500 teams only.

You are right.

Dork you can put me on that list. I’m the guy who started the sitting on their hands thread earlier this year. If you sign only one person to your roster during free agency and that person did not live up to expectations, something has to change drastically this year. Hopefully, Orlondo can identify the wants and needs and stock up on quality players.

Neither Saunders nor Williams will be ready to play until (at least) Labour Day. ACL and AT reconstructions usually take a full year to heal and rehab properly; and even then they probably won’t be up to game speed until the 2020 season (if at all for CW)…

9 months to return to football from ACL surgery, that would be early June.
Saunders won’t be ready for training camp, but I would hope only missing 3 - 4 games at the most.
I doubt Williams is re-signed

I would expect to see Saunders in June/July or so. If we start strong they may stretch him out, but full recovery time and when we may see him on the field are probably a little different.

9 months is an incredibly optimistic goal. Both Zach and Toliver didn’t look ready after a full year.

True enough, it is not an exact science, complications can arise, each case is different

Wow ! ExPat ! That’s a very professional presentation . Your thoughts are much appreciated . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)