Thoughts on the season

What are your thoughts on this season so far?

I didn't have any illusions coming into the season. I didn't expect us to win the West or win the Grey Cup. Both are still possible, but I wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't accomplish either.

Coming into the season, I wanted us to have a winning record, 9-9 or higher, and to make the playoffs. I figured if we did that, I'd be happy.

Right now it looks like we'll accomplish both of those goals.

But even with our success, I still wouldn't mind seeing Danny step down as coach after the season is over.

To be honest, he's lucky the East crap out, otherwise we could have ended up missing the playoffs for 3 straight years.

I am generally please with the season as well.
A playoff spot is what I hoped for as well.

I do have some concerns about the preparation level within the team week to week.
They have looked great as times and then come out completely flat the next week.
Let's see what they bring to the table in BC this week.

Just as an after thought.
3-1 for the Esks in the last 4 games and 2-2 for the rest of the west means 1st place.


Now I am not trolling just curious. Anything short of a Grey Cup do you want Danny gone.

I wanted Danny fired last season, but some of the players were still backing him up. Regardless of what we do, I'd still want a new coach.

In the off chance we do win the Grey Cup, I think I'd probably still want him gone. As well as a few of the other guys on the coaching staff.

You should probably cheer for us NOT to get to the GC in that case Chief. Even our mere appearance in the big game would be enough "validation" of the faith the players apparently put in Maciocia last season, for LeLacheur to retain him, RC, etc.

I would prefer us to finish second and playing Saskatchewan in a home playoff game, or first and playing the same team after the bye week, simply because they're the most wounded of our western opponents roster-wise, and we "tend" to play better against them at home.

You're probably right. :lol:

I was glad to see us upset the Lions last night. That gives us a record of 3-5 on the road, a game better than the last two years. If we can sweep the Lions, I think we'll have a good chance of finishing 2nd or 3rd. Coming into the season, I was hoping for a 3rd place finish. I never thought we'd actually contend for 2nd.

Keep it up, guys! You're playing great!

buck up guys you arent giving our guys enough credit.......they have as good a shot at first as the rest of them

calgary will choke as usual b.c losing at commonwealth

esks in second place there will be an east west crossover but b.c or calgary will be the crossover team

:) go esks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I think our chances of finishing first, or even second, were shot last night.

But another stat that I'm happy about is our divisional record. Last season we were 1-9 against the West. That's absolutely pathetic. But this season, with only the Riders game remaining, we're 5-4. Not spectacular, but even with a loss next week, we'd still be at .500 against the West, and considering how competitive it is this year, I'd consider that's pretty good.

I think i'd rather cross over at this point, as opposed to finishing third. Its a question of whether it'd be better to go to Calgary or BC to play or go to Winnipeg to play. I'd rather go east and have a better shot at making the East Final, than we would of making the West Final. Let the Riders have the hard road to travel.

I would like to see us finish in 2nd in the west nothing better then hosting a playoff game in your own Backyard , I don’t like the Crossover as no team has actually made the Grey Cup taking that route . Besides to be the best you have to beat the best. But I’ll be happy just to be in the Playoffs again.

It seems that it is still possible for us to make second, provided we win our last two, Sask blows its last two, BC beats at least Calgary to go into first, and Calgary of course loses both its games. then we'd take second based on having the season series. But I could easily see one of Calgary defeating Hamilton, Us choking in Sask, and/or Sask winning against TO in the last week, to upset our chances.

At this point, you may be right about crossing over. Calgary took first last night, and with B.C. having the tie-breaker against us, our chances of getting a home playoff game are pretty slim, and it might be easier to beat Winnipeg on the road than Calgary or B.C.

But like cfleskfan, I'm glad just to be in the playoffs again. It's a first step.

I firmly believe that with a new coach Edmonton would be first in the league this year. And be the number one contender for the Grey Cup. They have the top quarterback in the CFl, an outstanding running back combo, excellent recievers that will be the best in the league in the years to come. The defence plays hard nosed, tough football. The only thing holding the team back is the head coach.

He does not understand the process of winning in the CFL. Risks need to be taken to get anywhere in this league. You have to establish a running game. Once you have the defence looking for run first pass second Ricky Ray will be able to have his way with defences. Macocia does not understand offence or how to run it. A game cannot be won by one player (Ricky Ray).

Also he needs to learn how to manage a game. In the B.C. game they were winning and found themselves in a 3rd and 1 situation. He decdied to punt the football and B.C. answered by scoring a touchdown, then another touchdown eventually destroying edmonton. THat paly is proof that Macocia has no faith in his staff, his offence or the organization.

Edmonton needs to bring in a coach that understand football and is willing to do anything for the Eskimos. Clagary has done that, and with the same team they have last year they are unstoppable.

if by some miracle of all the gods that ever existed (lol) that the esks were to win the cup ...danny still has to go.......
am just sick of his little dwarf face on the sidelines .sorry call me a hater...just tired of losing when the talent has always been there .......
bye bye dan :slight_smile: