Thoughts on the season coming up

How do you Eskimo fans see the upcoming season. Are you excited, hesitant, not sure? I know how I felt when our team came off a losing season.

All the best this year! (except of course, when you play us) LOL :slight_smile:

I have to say, I'm liking this Tristan Jackson kid. I know it's only the pre-season, but two punt returns for TDs already? Come on!

A possible bright spot for Edmonton? I hope so!

I'd say he's angling to be our starting returner ala Tompkins '05, maybe he even has ambitions to reach Gizmo's level of achievement. He will certainly be interesting to watch.

Enjoy watching Jordan Younger play corner...he is a great player.

To all of you Esks fans... keep your eyes on LB Tim St. Pierre out of St. Mary's. He is an amazing player and very disciplined! He's my reason for watching Esks games this season :slight_smile:

That would be #48. I'll try to watch for him, see if he gets a starting role in any games. I do hope you get exciting football as another reason to watch Esks games, and Ticat games for that matter too.

Tim is an excellent long you might see him more on special teams this season rather than a starting Linebacker.

Hopefully Jonathan Hood who is on the practise roster will get a shot at the active roster at some point this season. He is an amazing athlete as well (even though he is from our rival STFX)!

Hopefully next season the Esks keep LB Ryan King (from Sherwood Park, AB)! He won the Block and Tackle award at SMU this year as the MVP of the Huskies football team!