Thoughts On The Scrimmage Game...

What a difference a year makes. Watching Ricky Ray & Jarious zip passes around today was such a contrast from the buffoons that were in at QB last season. Ray looked very sharp. Jarious was also decent, certainly looked more than adequate for the #2 guy.

Most impressive performance of the day was WR Dontrell Inman. Showed great hands and more importantly, the ability to go up in traffic and make tough catches. Apparently he's been performing at this level all camp. If that's the case he's an absolute certain lock for a starting WR job - - possibly the #1 spot. WR Chad Owens had a nice one handed diving catch. Not sure if it was just me, or if he was wearing less padding but RB Cory Boyd looked slimmed down.

Defence looked confused at times, especially with Ray's ability to find the open receivers underneath. DE Derrick Summers looked good. If I was Ron Flemons, I'd be concerned about my job. LB Jason Pottinger was all the way down taking third string reps. Not sure if that's because of the knee injury still not being healed or if that's an indication that he's no longer in the plans as starting MLB.

Noticable difference in the tempo and atmosphere of this year's scrimmage. Very crisp and efficient this year compared to a much more sluggish pace of last. Milanovich & Chris Jones also stuck to coaching from the sideline instead of being in the middle of the field shouting out like a circus barker (did you see what I just did there?)

Looking forward to Wednesday nights first exibition game in Ivor Dump.