Thoughts on the game

I can't even begin to explain how frustrated I am right now... :roll:

Offence: We looked a little better on offence tonight. I liked some of the aggressiveness. Going for it on 3rd down when we were at the goal line was a smart decision. However, trying a pass play when it was 2nd and inches was dumb. It was a wreckless gamble. Either Ricky Ray or Whitlock should've rushed for the first down. I'm confident either one of them would've gotten it. Instead, they passed, and Ray was picked off. We sort of fell apart in the second half. Special teams helped us out a bunch.

Defence: Would anyone honestly disagree with me if I said they cost us the game? I sure as hell hope not. The D-Line played a little better, getting two sacks, but they still didn't get much pressure on Burris. He was pretty much allowed to hang around in the pocket and pick us off. This led to what cost us the game... long pass after long ******* pass. Burris picked us apart. This defence is disgusting. I don't even care about the three picks (and let's be honest, Kelly Malveaux only got his pick because he was in the right place at the right time, that's it!). Calgary's game-winning drive was a perfect example of how incompetent this defence is. Picked apart...

I don't know who to blame more... Daley for calling an incompetent defence, or Richie Hall for letting him do whatever, even though he MUST know our defence is a joke. Something needs to happen... Starting with Malveaux's release. After that, either Daley gets a harsh talking to, or he gets his walking papers. I don't care which. I'm sick of having the league's worst defence. We've been a joke on defence for years. Enough is enough already. WAKE THE **** UP HALL!!!

Special Teams: Some good returns from Tristan Jackson tonight. Shame he might be injured, but Rector gave us a couple decent returns. Noel Prefontaine punted the ball better... though there was one punt in the fourth that was pretty pathetic. If it hadn't bounced by the returner, the Stamps probably would've started at their own 40 or 50. Great fumble recovery for a TD by Ellis.

We Totally Craped the Bed on D tonight as bad as we have been, the 4th Quarter was the worst I've seen any team play on D EVER! we Fired the wrong Guy, Daly has to go , this really Hurts cause the Dam ''Pinata'' hides upstairs , just looking for more ways to screw the Eskimos and run this Franchise to the Ground.

I agree, something needs to happen with Daley. And no one can use injuries as an excuse because we had Lenny Williams and Maurice Lloyd in the game tonight. Hall needs to get fim control over this team before the wheels completely come off...

Chief I'll probably sound like a broken record, but in order to improve that defence, I'd make two moves:

  1. Get Jason Goss back where he belongs, at HB; sit Williams or release Malveaux, whatever, but get Goss back to his natural position; Keyes and Robinson can handle the corners. . .

  2. Release, reassign, otherwise deal with Jim Daley, and let Richie Hall become both head coach and defensive coordinator. With Strasser taking over the offence, he can handle things on that end, let Richie become more involved on the defensive side.

We had Daley in Winnipeg and he was awful. He took the teeth out of our defence. When I heard he was D.COR. in Edmonton, I posted your defence is going to have issues. You guys fired the wrong assistant this week. Your defence has allowed the most points in the league, by a large margin.

You know, when we hired Daley, I was sort of on the fence. I mean, the guy was supposed to be this great defensive strategist, so I thought maybe with him and Hall that our defence would improve. That hasn't happened. In fact, I'd actually argue that this defence has regressed.

As for Hall handling HC duties and DC duties... I don't know. I've never been a fan of a HC taking on too much responsibility. It always seems to end badly. To be honest, I'm wondering if we should've just hired Hall as our DC... Of course, who would we have gotten to be HC?

Doug Brown said " Jim Daley is the worst coach, I have ever played for "
The only time in Doug Browns 8 year career in Winnipeg, that he ever said anything negative about a coach.
That is saying something , considering this years happenings.

Daly sucked in Sask too!

Why do I feel this is going to get real ugly before it gets any better.