Thoughts on the game:Hamilton vs. Calgary

well the first quarter just ended....
i had a pretty good chuckle when the ball hit copeland square in the head lol..that was pretty funny...and are copeland and rambo doing eachothers hair or what-last week copeland has the mossfro and this week rambo has it..last week rambo has the braids, and this week copeland has it :lol: well if thats what there in to

i thought hamilton REALLY needed that defensive td just to give them a little bit of confidence as burris and the stamps passing offense has been very sharp so far even tho its only been 1 quarter

and to all the people in calgary that arent at the game, just curious to no if the game is blacked out? my guess is yes it is..just wondering


well that int returned for a td was HUGE for hamilton, and the should have had 2 of them if shaw hadent of dropped one...thats y he plays db and not receiver...hamilton should have the momentum comming out of the half, and if there d can hold up and just force field goals and move the ball on offence i think that theyll have a chance at winning

Offence for Hamilton seems to be non-existant so far... They do have a key guy missing however, but they should be better, lets see if Hamilton can make the necessary adjustments on offence to win the game.

Well, its fourth quarter now and the game is still within reach for the Cats. But this turnover on Calgary's 20 is a major blow to their momentum. I still have faith.

Yay!!! Calgary turns it over on their 40 (-5yard penalty) Come on guys!! Come on Boreham! Go Go Go Go Go!!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! 21 to 20 Lets keep it going guys!!!

CALGARY WINS on a last second field goal. CONGRATS to CALGARY. :thup:

Great game!

Wow, great finnish!

Thanks Calgary!

HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA !!!Boreham, Boreham, Borehaaaaaaam !!!

Un effing believable. Jamie Boreham is done. He cost the Cats this game. I don't give a ^%#^%$^%& what they have to do, but they have to ditch this guy. He can no longer get a field goal beyond the 40 yard line. Thanks for the good memories now good riddance.

HAhhaaahhaa!! BOOYA! Sandro is the man! I said he'd bring us through and he did. Still terribly inconsistent on offence, but the D is looking strong and I guess Nik Lewis isn't in the doghouse anymore, since Burris threw to him more than once and he got.. what? 162 yards? Outstanding. If it wasn't for TWO defensive TD's for the TiCats this is a blowout. Just gotta reign in those turnovers and we're good to go.
#1 in the West baby yeah!


Nah, we'll come back 15-3. Look at the team we have. :smiley:

The game on TSN HD was blacked out up here in Edmonton... I could only get the regular tsn feed.

Blacked out on both TSN channels in Calgary.

Calgary kept shooting themselves in the foot this game. An ugly win but a win is a win.

Expected better from calgary, but as shotgun says, a win is a win, thanks Calgary

What happened???? I turned off the TV with a minute left and Hamilton had just got a first down :o

*kicking myself in the ss

Hamilton is sad. And at this point, though Maas is responsible for some of their offensive woes last night, I have to question the coaching. Enough with the hitch passes. Enough with the short-yardage plays. Maas should have been taking shots down the field the whole night, not leaving it til the fourth quarter, at which point he had built no rhythm with his wide receivers. This team has Vaughn, Flick, Ralph, and Yeast (with Cavil still injured) -- not a bad receiving corps at all. It has Ranek, a very capable RB. But their performance yesterday was disgusting and I really think it springs from bad coaching. Paopao and Marshall are both to blame.

On the defensive side of the ball, the personnel isn't as good -- with Cotton out, the TiCats had no pass rush, why haven't they called Montford -- but again, Kavis Reed sucks. What happened last night is that Calgary outcoached Hamilton in every phase of the game. Smarter reads, creative playcalling, better execution = superior coaching.

I wanted to believe the TiCats had turned over a new leaf this year, but poor coaching is going to make sure this team stays in the basement for yet another season.

I agree they got out coached last night!

does anyone else suspect maas is injured?...i mean, hes not throwing deep, and when he does, the spiral isnt tight at all.

i think hes been hurt since pre-season and the offence has been adjusted to short yard plays because of this.

DG, the Cats played into the defensive plan for the Stamps. Like the two previous games with Edmonton the Stamp defense were willing to give the short passes up while protecting down field. The DB's last night played well and covered man to man very well. Maas through three deep and two were picked off. They did the same thing to Ricky Ray. The last game Ray played well and did a good job.