Thoughts on the Eddie Steele Signing

I think a solid Pickup for the ESKS. Having a good 2011 starting all 18 games with almost 30 tackles followed by a disasterous year for the entire Cats defense and injuries on top. There seems to becoming an influx of non import DTs. Westerman last year stepped right into the deepest position on the Lions roster and jumping right into the DT rotation.
The NFL has gone crazy with Dline rotations as everyone on the roster is a starter. The CFL has felt the hit by the number of DE leaving the CFL to the NFL over the pas few years. The Canadian players coming out of University of stepped it up a notch on the interior DT line allowing CFL teams to have that deep rotation for teams. It is becoming a major Ratio position. Steele gives them 4 quality NI DTS out of the 5 DTs on their roster to go along with Sewell. 5 young guys to rotate will were down a top OLine

Great move by the Eskimos. Shocked to see Hamilton let him go. This move may lead to either J.Reid or E.Legare being released by Edmonton.