Thoughts on the BC game

While I don't have the stats on those games, my guess is that a few of those runs were of the 50+ yards type. What is impressive about Green's performance this week is his consistency, and his ability to get extra yards after initial contact. Not sure if he has the breakaway speed of Lumsden, Walker, or Cobb, but he seems pretty good at getting close to first down yardage when called on. Reminds me more of Cobourne.

IIRC that BC game was Cobb,s debut.

Wow - so many RB names who seemed to be the answer at one time. Cobourne, Walker, Cobb, Lumsden.

Lest we forget guys like Josh Ranek, Cory Holmes, Terry Caulley, Mossis Madu, and even the ill-fated Kenton Keith. A few of them had a good run with the team, but generally not more than a couple of years. Gable has lasted longer than most, although he has played the equivalent of three full seasons in his five years here.

Thirteen years later and we still have yet to really replace Troy Davis.


You forgot Rutley, who looked good in his limited time before he was also injured.

Interesting choice of words - "ill-fated Kenton Keith". :stuck_out_tongue:

We're on to Toronto. 8)

Martell Mallet called . Something about ill fated.

No, it must have been the booze 'Dork, but Cobb started the season at running back and played every game until that breakout game in Vancouver. On another note, remember when a certain "fan" was clamouring for the concession stands to sell corn on the cob during the DeAndra Cobb frenzy.

Right. It was Martell Mallet with the Pita Pocket of unknown origin, not Kenton Keith. I had the wrong Stan Lee superhero.

WHY did you have to remind us of this?

2009 maybe ?

Right you are(amazing!!). 2009 it was. DeAndra Cobb's debut was in Vancouver. He scored the game winning touchdown and had 100 yards rushing and 75 yards receiving in the second game of the season.

Porter was starter. Best game he ever played here

McPherson also had a great game vs BC several years back and could not find the groove after that.

And on Oct. 1, 2011, Terry Grant had 115 yard on ten carries vs Toronto (included an 89 yarder). Grant was looking like a keeper until his career was derailed by a nasty leg injury vs. Montreal.