Thoughts on the 103rd Grey Cup Game

  1. Nice contrast at the end with Reilly talking about his teammates (while accepting the MVP award), and then Burris talking about himself. Again. We get it Hank, you’re the best that’s ever played.

  2. So, Hank, you say that no one else has taken three separate teams to the Grey Cup in the same amount of years as you? Two issues:

(a) The only reason you have even been on three separate teams is because the first two dumped you as their starter. The reason guys like Calvillo had to settle for repeat trips with the same team is because they played well enough to keep their job.

(b) As pointed out in another thread, you forgot about Damon Allen (who admittedly had more years in between his Cup appearances, if that matters). I would also add Danny McManus (BC/Edm/Ham, 1994/96/98-9), and Matt Dunigan (Edm/BC/Tor/Win, 1986-7/88/91/92-3 - that’s 6 in 8 years with 4 teams). But I can see why you wouldn’t know anything about those guys: McManus was only your teammate in 2006, and Dunigan was on the field today presenting the MVP to the other team’s QB.

  1. Post-game, some of the other Esks were sure talking like they had dominated. “Just doin’ what we do,” etc. In reality, neither team outclassed the other, and things could have gone the other way very easily.

  2. I’ll bet no one is more relieved with the outcome than Sean Whyte, who left 5 points on the field by missing as many field goals in this game as he did during the entire regular season. If they lost by less than that he could be wearing the goat horns.

  3. A few months ago I realized that Ottawa was the only team in the league (other than the Cats) that I didn’t dislike. I guess I just didn’t know them well enough yet. I was cheering for Edmonton today, but of course when they won, I realized that I dislike them as well so I still wasn’t overly thrilled.

  4. I suppose it’s fitting that once again, one of the key moments in the Grey Cup was decided on a penalty. I’m not saying I like it, but it’s just the way things are now in the CFL. (Sometimes I wonder why teams don’t make it their strategy to just heave up more long passes, knowing that more often than not, they’ll draw the DPI flag. It actually seemed like that was the strategy tonight.)

  5. Close finish notwithstanding, this Grey Cup will not go down as one of the classics. I suppose lovers of “defensive struggles” may disagree, but I saw a couple of teams who couldn’t get anything done throughout most of the second half.

8] This was the best possible outcome. Ottawa fans will still be more than satisfied to have come as far as they did this year. But I have a feeling Edmonton fans would not have been satisfied with a loss.

  1. I’m not so sure the Ticats would have fared better than Ottawa if we’d made it to the Cup. But I can’t help but think back to that day in September when these Esks, in the early stages of their very impressive 10-game win streak, only squeaked by us with the help of two pick-sixes, a late-game fumble, and of course a couple of key injuries.

  2. After all the Burris/Austin controversy this week, it’s fitting to remember this: Austin looked in a different direction after the 2013 season because he was not satisfied with a Grey Cup loss, and he made the judgment call that Burris was not the guy that could lead us to a championship.

Probably the first GC i havent watched in 10 years give or take..mostly due to no cable/stream to watch it

Im glad for EE but im more interested in if bad Hank showed up

That's the truth, agree with you totally.

Being one of those who prefers defensive struggles, yes I disagree.

I think we'd agree if you rephrased the last portion to read "I saw a couple of teams whose offences couldn't get anything done throughout most of the second half. But we also saw a couple of defences who played superlatively throughout most of the second half."

I think that would describe the game more accurately. Major credit has to go to both Chris Jones and Mark Nelson, who really got their defences to step it up in the second half.

Pass interference should never be call on deep route when the ball is under throw and the defender is closest to the ball. Glad Edmonton won, sad the way they won't. Too much control over games by inept officials. Never exciting and something thing that makes me lose interest in the game. The balls in the air it is up for grabs.

The best defensive struggle I have personally witnessed in a Grey Cup game over the years was

Saskatchewan Riders @ Ticats, 1972. Score 13 to 10 Hamilton. The final score was decided on the

final play of the game with an Ian Sunter field goal giving Ticats the win. :thup:

Judging from the way you wrote the above account, I'd say the brown pops haven,t worn off yet. :lol:

2nd and 25. blitz,Blitz,Blitz. Hank cannot deliver under pressure as evidenced yesterday.

Interesting to note is Drew Edwards Spec article today. Apparently Ottawa suffered from some injury woes. Guess Reilly lit up back up Sermons.

1) Nice contrast at the end with Reilly talking about his teammates (while accepting the MVP award), and then Burris talking about himself. Again. We get it Hank, you're the best that's ever played.
This! I watched some of the pre-game and post-game. When I heard Burris say "Tell me who else has done what I've done, taking 3 teams to the GC." It was obviously all about him. HE took them to the Grey Cup - the rest of the Redblacks just sat there and watched him, apparently. It's a team sport, Hank. (And you were wrong about being so special too, but who'd expect you to know about anyone other than yourself).

Pregame, Dunnigan lit into Hank. He said that it's a team game and all week he's only been talking about himself and him being disrespected by current teams. Dunnigan mentioned that he's been in the same situation before, but that he was all about his team winning the cup, and not about proving teams he was on before wrong. He said that Burris' words to the media this week were "Bad Hank". :lol: I wish I had recorded that so I had a better summary of what was said, because I know most people probably didn't watch the whole pregame. Climie and Milt tried to stick up for Hank, saying "he's honest", but Dunnigan was not having any of that. He seems to not be brainwashed by Hank's "poor me, I was disrespected" thing. Schultz tried to stay neutral and said he understands his emotions, but maybe it's not the time and place.

Edmonton left 7 points, if you include Sean Whyte's 5 missed points and the unsuccessful 2-point convert after their TD in the first half. Score could have easily been 33-20 - almost a two major game. I thought Edmonton would win by 10-14pts, so if not for those missed points, I would've been right. It really shouldn't have been as close, so yeah... Sean Whyte must be rather happy today. He almost pulled a Waters (re: Swayze Water's performance in the EDSF).

Dunigan talked about "bad timing" and "lack of leadership". And he didn't say this next part in so many words, but I think what he was getting at in his rebuttal to the "honesty" argument was that that particular type of honesty isn't helping your team in the leadup to a big game. Dunigan is arguing that your actions during the week should be focused on doing whatever it takes to give your team the best chance to win the game, and feels the type of "venting" Burris did this week was antithetical to "focusing on getting the job done".

I missed Dunnigan’s comments in the pre-game show (although I was watching - sort of) and I agree with him. If you want to be motivated by showing up a former team and having success after they’ve let you go, then fine. Just keep your mouth shut about it. There are ways to answer more diplomatically when questioned by the media (Ellingson did a GREAT job in a quick interview that I saw).

Hank obviously has decided that since his career is winding down, then he needs to be brutally honest about his feelings. Not so Hank - let it go and just play the game. You only make yourself look bad and in this case, maybe hurt your team and team mates. First comment I heard him make after the game was how he really wanted the win for “his family, his team mates and the city of Ottawa”. Even then he was putting himself first.

It was a mostly entertaining game and while I don’t mind strong defense, I did find it dragging in the 3rd/early 4th making it hard for me to stay focused and engaged as I was really tired. I’m glad that Edmonton won - Reilly proved that he is pure class and a real warrior. I’m even happy for Jones in spite of the fact that his occasional lack of sportsmanship with his team (late on the the field e.g.) bothers me and makes him appear maybe a bit arrogant and unprofessional. At least he did concede to a hand shake after games this year. Campbell’s “trying-to-be-funny-but-failing comment” about hoping Jones season ended badly came back to bite him.

I did think it would be more of a blow out or at least, not as close as it was, but as others have pointed out, if Whyte makes those kicks, the EE would have probably won by a wider margin. Still I’m not disappointed with the close result. Congratulations Edmonton! :smiley: :thup: :thup:

Thanks for posting that summary - I missed the pre-game show.

Interesting that Dunigan can have insights like that, and still act like a silly drunken teenager after the game when presenting a trophy.

I made a couple of posts last week about Burris taking a "victory lap" before his team had even won. It seems like getting to the big game provides satisfaction enough for him. He really should have waited until after to be talking about his legacy and general greatness.

I think in the post-game, Dunigan was just having trouble containing his excitement. Though he tries to be impartial most of the year, I think he wholeheartedly stands by the motto: "Once an Eskimo, always an Eskimo".

Oh Ya! OTT has the greatest fans in the League. NOT!!!
Pathetic fanbase. :roll:

Melanie Adams
We're expecting #redblacks to land in 10 minutes. No fans here to greet them.

I thought Dunigan was on target with his comments on Burriss. He said he wasn't providing the necessary leadership during GC week, i.e. keeping his focus on the game. Hank was distracted during the week and it showed on Sunday.

An Argo-Cat fan

Actually, you might be onto something here. The rules say that a player isn't allowed to "go through" a player with better position to get to the ball. In the case you mentioned, the defender has better position, and the contact is the direct result of the receiver changing his route into the path of the defender. If anything, this should probably be called offensive pass interference.

It shouldn't matter what position the defender has if the defender is only playing his man and not playing the ball. If the ball is underthrown and the defender doesn't turn to make a play on it, that's his problem. In any case, they still follow an interpretation that if the ball is ruled uncatchable, the defender won't be charged with interference. In theory, that should prevent DBs from getting screwed when the ball is severly underthrown. I initially thought that ball last night might not have been catchable, but replay showed that DPI was absolutely the correct call on that play.

Back to the general topic of receiver/DB collisions: when players are in motion, the question of "who is initiating contact" can be fuzzy. A receiver literally coming back toward the ball is different from a player slowing his downfield velocity to synchronize with the arrival of the ball.

I was very undecided about who to pick in this one. On the one hand, there are so many great players on the RBs (I won't name any, but they really have a very good lineup), and they are from the East, so, loyalty there.
On the other hand, there's Mike Reilly (IMO, one of the better QBs in recent times, and certainly the toughest!!), and a very good EE team.

What was my deciding factor?

Yeah, you guessed it. Smilin' Hank. If it weren't for all his vain preening, dissing, idiocy, I would have gone with the RBs. It was that close. However, his "Austin dissed me" BS reminded me of another former TC QB, Kevin Glenn. In 2011, I believe it was, then-coach Marcel B. pulled KG during a game in favor of Quinton Porter. All we heard after the game from Glenn was how the coach "disrespected" him, because he was pulled, after having a "Bad Kevin" kind of game.

Hello!!!! You are (supposedly) professional football players!!! If you don't understand that winning the game (or the Cup) is the ONLY thing that matters, then you need to go away and find something else that will feed your ego. By the time you get to this stage of your career, you know it's a business, and whining about past transgressions just won't cut it anymore.

So, to Henry - too bad your TEAM lost, glad YOU lost. I DO feel sorry for all the great RB players, who played their hearts out (QUIETLY, no media BS) and came close to a win, but, Hank, you need to grow up.

In summary, glad the EEs won.

Hank owes the REDBLACKS organization, their fans and the city of Ottawa a public apology for making this whole week all about him and not the entire team.

I don't miss him and love it that we have Zach.

I was going for the Redblacks though Hank's griping made it difficult to stick with that decision. Unfortunately their only TD's were scored before I was able to get the official stream "presented by Shaw" working. If the CFL wants to attract a younger audience it really needs to offer viewing options outside of a traditional cable package - of course BellMedia would never allow it.

I know 3rd and one gambles are down this year but I really question the RB's decision to punt on 3rd an one near midfield on a couple occasions. At least one of those was into the wind and their punting had not been very good. While they're still 80% likely to get that yard if the go for it. Ahh I'm sure the coach knew better than me - but I like Chris Jones' style better.