Thoughts on Riders-Esks game

I was there! Never been to Commonwealth Stadium before. Nice facility. Doesn't feel like a 40 year old stadium. Reminded me a lot of McMahon, just bigger.

Rare that we win in Edmonton. Rarer still that we dominate in Commonwealth. Statement game by the Riders. Well played in all 3 phases of the game.

Jones haters, please STFU now.

Riders are an improvement group, many great plays with beneficial results in ways I've never seen before let alone possible. What I have noticed is that all the teams are pulling off plays/drives, even the Defense of teams are playing great then all of a sudden a play goes awry, momentum swings make the CFL great football entertainment. Play-off crossover record needed is 9-9, faith Rider team achieves their path.

Very happy. Appears we are back. We crushed them and pounded the crap out of them too…

I still want Jones gone!! don't care if we get another cup this season, I do not like the ego ahole!!