Thoughts on QB's league wide

My son will be attempting to join a CFL team next spring. He was a very successful college QB in the states and had several "almosts" with the NFL this year but was not offered a contract.
His agent is working diligently but he wants to gather as much info about the status of the teams current QB situations. Some teams are probably pretty well set while others will be in the QB market.
Would love any information about what people feel about each teams QB situation.

Edmonton and Winnipeg would be the most likely candidates looking I would think . . .

Just read another post discussing CFL QB’s. Great stuff. Would love to hear any other views.

as Madjack suggested, Edmonton and Winnipeg are likely in the market for a quality starter, while others may soon require decent backups due to the impending Free Agency in the coming months.
(i.e. BC, Montreal, Hamilton)

IMO, the best route is to try to get on a team that already has a starter and needs a backup. QBs that come into the CFL and make an immediate impact are extremely rare. It takes time to excel at the position. Spending a couple of years on a team with a quality guy is a better way to go.

If you wind up in a team that might clean house like Winnipeg, there's a serious chance the QB situation is bad next year and you suddenly wind up playing without adequate preparation on a bad team. That can end a career real fast.

This is a link to the TSN site it has all of the CFL games from this past season on demand. I dont know how familiar your son is with the CFL and its differences from the US game but it would help to know them for sure. It would be pretty much the same for every team for a rookie right out of college. each team has 3 QBs it carries on their roster. some teams carry a 4th on the practice squad or hide them on the IR for the season. Teams are always looking for the 3rd or 4th guy to improve to a certain point the next season and if they do not and/or a rookie comes in showing more promise he could get the job.
I dont know what level your son played at in college but check the teams Sights as they have tryout camps most in florida but other places as well.
The Arena Football League is another place where CFL goes to scout players.
I know just from reading articles and such that some GMs have sort of a pipeline to some Arena teams. Like the BC Lions GM has a relationship with the spokane shock in Washington.
Good Luck !

First Smilmkr95 all the best to your son and family no matter how things turn out. I am thrilled to just read such a post on this forum and hope for more!

Most folks I think overlook the degree of odds and hurdles, above and beyond the commitments to workout programs and training, any given QB must beat to make it to mere consideration for professional football.

Also I would like to hear on this topic from those on the site with far more a historical perspective than I have for sake of past successful CFL QBs.

I don't know if you have read the following threads as well, but here are three threads on the matter for American football QBs attempting to head to the CFL:

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As merely an Armchair GM again, I have observed and think any QB trained in a spread offence and/or who had some rollouts and bootlegs in the playbook would have an advantage though this is not true of some of the big name QBs in the CFL. Calvillo and Ray really have to be special and exceptional each to be what is in a mould of an NFL-dominant pocket passer so as to make it so well with just three downs! :o Even so they don't take the snap under centre of course.

By contrast the players under the spread offence as used in the NCAA, as is heavily the case apparently in the Big 12, are not well-suited to the NFL in which they have to have solid fundamentals for starters in operating out of the T-formation under centre.

Also as Edmonton ran earlier this year to some degree a West Coast-type offence though in the CFL all the offences are out of the shotgun but for short yardage. Edmonton though did not have the deep threat such that defences caught on after about 6 games and ganged up on its effective short game. I would think a QB trained in a West Coast offence could fare better also in the CFL.

Henry Burris when he was with Calgary and had far more agility ran also a lot of play action runs and bootlegs out of the base spread offence.

The challenge with the West Coast at the amateur level in the US is that Stanford is the only school in FBS/Div IA NCAA offence that comes to mind that runs the West Coast scheme. Know any others any college football fans out there?

Even in the NFL the West Coast offence has not been used much for years. San Francisco runs the West Coast also under Harbaugh in the NFL, who basically shifted in 2011 the same system as he had previously at Stanford, as did Philadelphia with a variant of the West Coast via McNabb, Garcia, and Vick under current and likely to be former coach Andy Reid.

My first suggestion would be to avoid getting locked into a long term deal. Ideally a 1+1 or even a 2+1 but don't get suckered into the "security" of signing a 3+1 deal.

Second would be to focus more on the coaching staff and front office of each team instead of looking at the QBs on each team's roster. For a rookie - - especially a rookie QB - - you need to have competent coaching. That means stay away from Winnipeg and Gary Crowton.

Just as important to have a stable front office. If a team cleans house on the management side, chances are the new regime is going to bring in their own guys at key positions - - especially at QB.

My best advice would be to check out the information from a reliable source through any competent NFL source. If he's had 'almosts ' with some teams, they'll steer you in the proper direction. And please, don't take anything area 51 has to say seriously.

This here is the best piece of advice I have seen. Often NFL teams GMs will make a call on a players behalf to a CFL GM if he thinks that said player would make a good fit. NFL GMs and coaches who see guys on the bubble but just have no place for them want to see them continue to play elsewhere whether CFL or Arena1. keeping tabs on them while doing so. The NFL now has good working relationships with the Arena1 and the CFL


This is a link to the TSN site it has all of the CFL games from this past season on demand.

That's an awesome link, but I think it only works in Canada. Steve don't tell me you are able to access the footage in the US too?

On the contract terms, it is a 2+1 now at minimum. I can't see a new CFL QB not needing at least two years to get his feet wet anyway. And if it is competing for a third spot on a roster, a 3+1 with good terms is not a bad deal with all things considered.

I think there is fine opportunity on all teams but Hamilton and Winnipeg, but for different reasons for those teams there is likely quicker opportunity to play though the new QB would not be developed much for Canadian football.

I see the opportunity for most new QBs to play early more a positive than a negative, but yes Tridus is right in that such early play as a starter that results in many debacles does ruin many a CFL career for the right or wrong reasons.

Yes you should be able to access the game footage. It is part of TSN website. You may have to register to the site much like you would for and you will be able to see all the games drom the 2012 season