Thoughts on new stadium

After a glance at what the new stadium will look like I was very impressed.The way it is layed out is truly to my liking with the way the concessions are layed out and ofcource I look forward to new washrooms.Tell me what you like about the new stadium,you can check it out at the link below.-John :lol:

It's great :thup:

It is completely underwhelming, to say the least.

You want to improve the game day experience ? - how about offering some protection from the elements ...

Winnipeg has it right with the awnings covering the stands ... this stadium is as brown bag as it gets, and quite embarrassing, really ... but, at least I'll be able to "tweet" my friends, and family how wet and cold I am while watching the game ...

Football was meant to be played and watched outside in the elements. You want cover go get some Argo season tickets :roll:

People it was designed to blend into the neibourhood. I think it will be great. Retro with modern blended in. Is it a little small? Yes. Does it suck that there are no endzones? Yes. We get what we are given. There would be no new stadium if it were up to the city. This is a gift so just enjoy it and stop pissing and moaning.

For the die-hards yes. We didn't mind sitting on a bench in the open with no room to get in an out. But times have changed and it's about getting fans into the stadium that would normally sit at home in a big comfy chair watching a game that's not blacked out in HD.

The awning would have been great, Ottawa is also putting an awning over the north and south seats. It's partially covered so the fans that want to sit out in the open still have that choice.

I like the new stadium and yes it would have been great to have the awning but I understand it's the lack of funds.
Maybe a cheap canvas awning would work, after all the Romans covered their stadiums 2,000 years ago to keep the sun off the fans.

TCmike - a Gift?
yes thanks to the taxpayers of Ontario and the rest of Canada.

The elements don't bother me. You dress for it. In the dead of summer I guess you want those mister fans installed too?

It's pretty simple to improve the game day experience. More concessions and more bathrooms. It shouldn't take 30 minutes to use the washroom and get a hot dog. If you go to the Rogers Centre you would love it. Even at the Grey Cup you won't wait long for either.

Maybe try and go to the concession stand and washroom before half time, just a common sense thought! Its the same in EVERY STADIUM at half time! Also what do you think the wide neck Beer bottles are for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, it is not the same in every stadium. Is is unresonable to pee and grab a bite to eat and be back at my seat in 15 minutes? No, it's not.

Why should I have to leave early? What if there is a drive in the last minute?

The new stadium is supposed to address both of these needs.

You want to improve the game day experience ? - how about offering some protection from the elements ..

I don't know about that, as I mentioned in another thread I finally got my wife to go to a game in the rain yesterday and she isn't into rain and cold outside - and she absolutely loved it. You dress for it.

I really hope they keep the new stadium as open as possible with no awnings or that. But in terms of walk up crowd, I can appreciate that awnings with protection from the elements may attract a larger walk up crowd, may. And actually it is when it is very hot and scorching I can see the awnings more as something I might like as having the sun directly in my face isn't something I like when it's very hot. But I'm still with the no awnings thing personally.

But yes, they need to make it so people can go to the washroom and grab a drink or bite and not have to wait as long as now when there is a decently sized crowd.

Only two words needed, "Leave Earlier"! If you need to eat that bad, then stay home and be a Arm Chair quarterback! Im there to watch Football and socialize with friends and family, not to worried about Peanuts and Cracker Jacks!
As for other stadiums, IE: Roger Centre, Air Canada Centre, where is always a lineup at the concession booths and washrooms at Half time and in between Periods! :rockin: :rockin:

I like the idea of the concessions and the walkway facing the field. You can stand in line and look behind you to see the action.
As for the washrooms, I hope they are up there on the walk way too. Maybe with the two way mirrors, I was in a bar in Atlanta and you could stand at the urinal and look through a two way mirror out to the bar. Maybe they could do something like that in the new stadium, glass two way mirrors on to the field.

I like that it is on the site of the old stadium, so the ghost of Ivor Wynne Stadium will be there. Also, it's nice to keep the stadium in a neighbourhood that desperately needs a lift and is one of the "Code Red" poverty areas.

mikem said,

TCmike - a Gift?
yes thanks to the taxpayers of Ontario and the rest of Canada.

It is an extremely rare case when Hamilton gets anything from either the Prov. or the Feds.
So yes this is one of those rare cases and we should be extremely grateful.
Toronto gets everything they ask for and then some, and I know you are involved with Ottawa and the Federal money spent in that City is probably 1000 times the money spent in Hamilton.

IT'S all good but they have NO PARKING :thdn: :roll: they list 180 spots! We better still have lot j Scott park as a parking lot and tailgate?

But it's not from the Province or the Feds, it's from the TAXPAYERS.
I'm not criticizing or saying that Hamilton doesn't deserve it. If you are going to have things like Pan Am games then make sure not all the money is spent in Toronto, I agree. It's just a reminder that the taxpayers pay for these things.
Yes Toronto gets everything etc and that is one reason why this Province is running a $16 BILLION deficit and a $250 BILLION debt.

As for Ottawa they got ZERO taxpayers dollars from the Province or the Feds.
It was OSEG and the CITY of Ottawa taxpayers and OSEG presented a great business plan that proved that if the city spent the money building the stadium that they could re-coup their investment in taxes/rents within 10 years.

Enjoy the new stadium.

Ottawa isn't reeling with the economy like a rust-belt city, to use the expression used for Buffalo often, as Hamilton has been, real estate prices are very high in Ottawa and there is a lot of white collar money. Hamilton needed a perk of some sort and this money for the stadium development in yes, an area of town that needs it, is at least a little something. So academics can write about a "generic" stadium design or "The Great Stadium Disappointment" all they want. Sometimes academics, don't get the whole picture, they can tend to be as provincial in their thinking as the average joe with their own set of prejudices and biases. And it's easy for them as well to write about potential negatives, it sells to students and the like and makes them look real smart ie. if it was me, this is how it would have been done - using other people's dimes of course.

I think in the end Bob realized that. Yes, he didn't get the stadium that he wanted with lots of parking and highway access but he fully respects IWS, it's history, and the part of town it is in. He also realizes that WH will take care of it's own and someone else should pay for the cleanup of Rheem's pollution there. How a company gets away with that is beyond me. :roll: I don't blame him in the least and that's why developers didn't want it as well I'm sure.

Well said ETM, the ghost of IWS will still be there, nicely put. :thup:

what i would like to know with no endzone seating are the season seat holders there are they going to pay the same price for better seats as the are the cheapest