Thoughts on new site

What I really want to see is sortable stats on players, teams, coaches. Please don't revert to the stats in pdf format that was used on the old site. Also any chance you will be putting up actual history of the league, I see a history button, but it really doesn't give you any info. Who won the Grey Cup in 1909? When was the CFL formed? How many undeated teams have won the Grey Cup? You get where I'm going?

will there be defensive game stats?

Hey Eskimos32001, I think BSD is either incognito or trying to get through the door to this new Huddle. We're like a bunch of drunken sailors staggering in one at a time. Seriously though, getting registered was not simple by any means. I have a feeling the regulars from the original Huddle will make it in like a wobbling plane trying to land on an aircraft carrier. Eventually all accounted for and hopefully none end up in the water.

whats so hard about it? you register, check ur email, then type ur password and go. it only took me 5 hrs. cuz my email was down, and it took me a while to get it workin again.

Well it took me about six days to register. I'm glad I'm finally here. At first, when I tried to register, they'd always bring me back to the "Please enter your nick and email adresse below to register" windows. I was floating around in circles.

Then, when I tried again on the next two days, it said "Impossible to load the page" after I clicked on register.

Yesterday, I tried again. Then it said "Sorry, that email adress already exists in our database". I was confused because I never received anything in my mailbox. I tried registering with my home email adress and the site said "Sorry your nickname has already been taken".

I thought I'd sent an email to the site admin this morning, but I just got an email saying that someone tried to register on the site using my email. At the bottom of it, they gave me the password they supposedly issued me the "first time I registered".

Anyways, I finally made it here, so I'll explore the whole site in the following days. To get in the huddle was my first goal.

The dial up is a little faster when you wipe off your Aol disk.

I was wondering how long it took you to dig up this old thread... maybe not too long, as its even before my time here. The site still has its up and downs... in some ways its vastly improved, but not so much in other, and regressed in some aspects...

Not long at all.

I was curious to see what kind of threads were going to be on the last page, from back when the site was launched. 8)

Like to see a check off/out for I like or disagree with Statement. Featured used on most blogs

Consider making that suggestion here:

"New forum to-do list - please post your suggestions"

When I first saw this thread again, I thought RLR was back... I was thinking to myself, now this place will get interesting... lol