Thoughts on new site

Looks a heck of a lot better than the old one. It makes the league look and feel more professional. I am very pleased with it.

With regards to the forums, I think it's gonna take some time to get used to, but it is definetly a step up from the last site. It's a bit more complicated to post, but that's a small price to pay for the added features.


I like most of the site. The speed is really, really slow. And the print size is quite small.
For us older, over the hill posters, I have to squint to read the screen now!

Somebody already taught me how to change my password, now if someone could teach me how to increase the letters, then I would be happy!

use binoculars Sportman!

Depending on your web browser - it should be under “view” and increase font size or text size… something like that.

Don't laugh Red& White I may need them!

My web browser is full screen. The printing wasn't this small on "The Huddle".

If you're using FireFox press Ctrl ++

If you're using Internet Explorer go to "View" >> "Text Size" >> "Larger"

Tried that CM 6 Nothing happened...... I'm on maximum! Thats okay....I'll survive.

I've got a pair on binoculars if I need them!

change ur resolution......that might work. what kind of monitor do you have?

Sportsmen, maybe you've got your hoodie on backwards again.........

Hey Red & White
Your logo for 2005 College is nice and big! That I can read. Now trying to read the fine print....well....

hey redandwhite, is it you from the Huddle?

you bet nanook, you don't think I'd let you sneak away that easy!!

I t looks like alot of people from the old' huddle 'are still floundering around trying to get here. Where is everyone? Heh Sportsmen did you knock the 7 off your handle or are you a different poster? Confused. :!:

yeah.....where's bigsexydawg, redwhite2005, and cflfanforlife.

and...where is that SaskArgo,

i like the site

I think it's too busy, and slow. By slow I mean bloated.

Getting better, the speed is improving :slight_smile:

maybe its cuz alot of people are visiting it, ya know, checkin out the new site, but now not as its getting faster

It's a combination of things:

  1. Yes, less people are the site now.
  2. The php pre-compiler/optimiser I installed has loaded up on most of the scripts now.
  3. The cache engine has pretty much cached everything - it can occasionally have odd side effects on some pages... I'm hunting them down.
  4. I turned off certain features that aren't adding value (statistic tracking stuff) to reduce the number of database calls per page.