Thoughts on New Rules?

So watching the game tonight and I just wanted to know what everyone thinks of the new rules this year?

I personally really dislike the new pass interference rules. I really think it creates way too may penalties, guys are gonna jostle for position and hand play and everything, just think it's really over done and over called. Guess we'll see what it's like in the regular season. The PAT rule is really not much of a change so far, but also we will see in the regular season. Punt teams better work on there waiting for the kick or it's gonna be a long season for them. I like the new no yards rules, hopefully it will cut down on the number of those penalties.

So what do you folks think?

I agree on PI rule. Way too easy for a receiver to slow down or speed up and have the defender brush him and get the call. To me its garbage. Let a bit of hand fighting but call the jersey tugs etc. Just not thrilled with the new rules

I like how coaches can't ask for measurements. Should speed the game up

I stated I hated the PI rule before it was voted by the board...I hate it more now.

I don't mind the long PAT. I thought I would dislike it.

I'll withhold judgement on the PI rules until we are a third of the way into the season. Like any other rule change, people tend to hate it until the players, coaching and refs get used to the change and come up with techniques to play within those rules. The refs and league office will surely go back this week and look at the footage and come up with an interpretation that will relax it somewhat. The refs are adjusting as well to the new rule. As far as the PAT goes, I love it. I wish they would only make the starting point for OT possessions start at centre now. As it is now starting at the 35 is too easy to be in field goal range. Either that or make it so field goal attempts in OT cannot be tried.

My biggest concern is that by 1/3rd through the season that the average will be fed up, and it will be time to flip to the NFL. Coming off of an insanely bad year for penalties it was a really bad time to make a drastic change like this. The league can not afford that 2 years in a row. I get that Johnson came in wanting to be a lot more black and white on the penalties, and I can appreciate that, and I think most all in fans can, but the average fan can not. I truly believe that this rule could cripple the league if it does not pan out by week 3.

If the 2-point convert is snapped at the three I'M GOING FOR 2 EVERY FRICKIN TIME!!!!

If you can't get 3 yards 50% of the time with a 20 yard endzone to throw at you aint trying.

I also think that at least one coach in this league WILL do this. They may not be doing it in preseason, but come week 1 look out. A dude like O'Shea or Jones I can totally see t hem doing this. Counting by 8's instead of 7's every time.

I don't have that concern at all. Die hard fans may get a bit frustrated at first in the beginning but it takes a lot for them to abandon the game. The "average fan" will adjust as well. Even it if stood at the status quo, it would take years before I would even considering changing my loyalties to the No Fun League.

I'll put it this way...we were supposed to go to the game but some stuff came up that we couldn't. We ended up having a bunch of people over and by mid way through the 2nd quarter only a a few people were still watching. The disruptions simply make it painful to watch. I know it will get better than it was in the first preseason game, but wow! I know several people who turned off the CFL last season, and I don't want to see that continue.

You may know several people that turned off the CFL last year but it really didn't do anything to detriment the viewership or attendence for the league. As far as preseason goes, the games have never had a huge following when broadcast. In fact the viewership may have actually gone up just out of pure curiosity to see the new rules in play.

Let's face it, people ignore the preseason for the most part as it means nothing other than seeing if their favourites still have it this year or to see the potential up comers that generate headlines. Those players are usually off the field for the game at halftime.

Using the Facebook comments on the Roughriders and CFL posts it is pretty easy to see that while some didn't like the rules, there is a lot more comments on Tino's crappy play. That means they stuck around to the end.

Really? The viewership numbers were down what,,,12% and attendance took a dip as well.

The attendance drop was due to a few reasons. Low scoring affairs, boring play, the loss of franchise players in the expansion draft and of course with some teams having to play in a smaller venue for a while.

Let's not forget that 2013 was a banner year for the Roughriders (and in turn the rest of the CFL). Compared to 2009-2012 the numbers are in line with a regular season.

As was pointed out in another thread, the majority of the penalties in last nights game had absolutely nothing to do with the new rules and would have had a really high penalty count even under the old rules.

Who lost a franchise player in the expansion?
The people that I know that tuned out said that it was the flags. I am going to make the leap that this translated to other people as well. The scoring and O was down, yes, but IMO a big part of that was that they could never get in a rhythm because of all the flags. As for was a banner year...but if you look back over the past 5 years, numbers were down. Flags and flags alone are not the only issue...but the modification of a penalty that WILL cause more flags was a knee jerk reaction that IMO could really come back and bite them...all because offense and scoring was down for a year.

Any modification of any rule usually results in a short term increase in flags. That is nothing new. Players, coaching staff, reffing and fans will all adjust. They always do. And looking back at the last 5 years, only 2009 and 2013 had slightly better numbers and 2014 doesn't fall outside the the normal year to year deviation.

I like the PAT. it will be interesting throughout the season.
I like the coaches not getting a spot.
I want consistency on the leaving before the ball is gone. Overall it will be good I think just need more refined practice on call it and players abiding to it.

The PI... omg what the flag fest! I dislike this and I was a WR. it just makes it so that the 8 yard out is always open.

Totally agree. I must admit that I was very against the convert move, but I don't actually mind it now. I still prefer the old setup, but I don't mind it. I hope that if it dose stick that they get rid of the forced 2pt attempt in OT next season though...I bloody despise that rule!

Did Stegal not say the same thing as well on the PI?

The bad thing about the 1 point kick or going for the convert is this, under the old system, you could do both from one spot, left the other side guessing should you try a fake kick but throw instead, not so with the new system. JMO

Thats what I never knew for has eliminated the convert fake...even though it was rare

Actually I think with the trial 3-point convert in place that is on for the pre-season, if you faked the new kick (or botched the snap) and successfully put it in the end zone it would end up being for 3 points.

Besides, there hasn't been much surprise since teams started opting putting in their 2nd or 3rd string QB on anything that required short yardage.

Yup, as soon as the rule was announced I knew that that was gone.

They should just eliminate the kick altogether then.