Thoughts on Manziel..keeping an open mind

I agree Masoli will be the starter going into the season and it will take time for Manziel to get accustomed to 3 down CFL football. Who better to prepare him then June Jones and assistant head coach Orlondo Steinauer. I'm 50/50 about this signing and if his head is in the right place and him and Masoli work together and the team stands behind him then it could only be positive. I'm going to wait and see this. I recall a few years ago about another big hype type quarterback who was with us and it ended up flopping..cough cough Casey sit back and get your popcorn ready folks..this is gonna get interesting...hahaha

There is no I in team !

An example from my other Favourite Sport:

The saying goes:
Argentina have Messi!
Brazil have Neymar!
Portugal have Ronaldo !
But Germany have a

Ps: *** Message to coach Jones :Masoli and Manziel should share the same room at Mac Training camp!!!

I really think that the off season signings of our own free agents,( especially Masoli ) other key pick ups, and now the signing of the 7 players of the class of '18 have all been positive. I'm a huge Masoli fan but will try to stay open minded about Manziel. Just hoping that he's not a huge distraction and messes with what I think would have been a great locker room.