Thoughts on Mallet Signing

The Stamps did not sign Mallet unless they had plans for him. Mallet has been out for 2 seasons do to injury and has said he is now 100%
His pro career he has had nothing but success. As rookie RB in the CFL to the role he would play in the NFL he played at a very high level.
Cornish the best Canadian RB in this Era for sure and a solid back up Canadian in Walter where will Mallet fit in.
Walter has been a very effective back up to Cornish when spotting him here and there. Whether Mallet is on the 42 Walter will still have a roster spot as a special teamer and expaned skills on offense for sure.
Cornish has gotten every personal achieement any player can ask for over the last two season's but is lacking a Grey Cup Ring.
Will the Stamps go back to more of a two back system that may lower Cornishes stats but also take some of the beating off him through the season.
I supect if Mallet can turn out to be the same player he was before injury we can see what was happening in BC in 2012. with Import Tim Brown rotating in for Andrew Harris in a package that would see a Canadian receiver enter the game to balance the ratio for an import receiver.
Calagary has been known to strt up to 9 Canadian players and with the ability and stadnard Oline of 4 Canadians also allows for great flexibilty with some very good Canadian players that are just good football players Canadian or Import.
The use of Cote as an H-Back in a lot of ofensive packages also gives the Stamps a lot of flexibility.

Will there be enough roster spots for all of their import receivers MQdaniel, Price, Fuller, Lewis, and West if each is signed and healthy. maybe on the 46 but all 5 on the 42 was hard enough without an import RB