Thoughts on loss to stamps

First of all :

The Stamps are nto as good as they looked . They just were so better prepared and coached and had better play selection .
the passes to Price and 2 to Arthur are clear examples of outsmarting out defence. We , on the other hand had very few good offensive plays and little seperation .

I still think we have no field goal kicker and no kick returner and that really hurts us . I think we need to look outside for both. Onrea jones merely catches the ball on punt returns and that is just not good enough . Jones also can't break a tackle an dcant get seperation ...i also think kendal lawrence is notth answer and even Tavoy Moore was better . they still don';t give Gable enough touches and runs and we need more plays to the 2knd running back . We also have stopped blitzing isaac and lawrence etc and the results show ....this team beat montreal only because of montreals inabilities and our coaching staff walked into thenext game as if all was fine ...not so
we need figueroa and gigure and elligngson back in there and stephen as king was horrible . we have to blitz on defence because our front 4 can't get enoyugh pressure on their own

we lack a speed deamon on offence as well .

we just took 2 step backwards in the als game and other 5 steps backwards in this game and unless we come up with a miracle we will back into the playoffs again this year winning maybe 2 ofthe last 5 games as the team we saw the last 2 weeks cannot beat the argos ...
we might be playing our playoff game on the road in montral as the ALS ARE BEATUING sASK today

The largest thing which I agree with is missing Figueroa, that is huge both literally in everyway. We need him or someone to step in for him. Mr. Dile is just not good enough.

You've got to have a consistent field goal kicker but there are a bunch of teams searching for that right now.

We better get ready quick because Montreal looked much better today thought Saskie is not playing well right now. We need at least one win if not two against the Argos or we'll looking at playing in Montreal for the Eastern semi.

I hope the new kid we signed has the speed we hear he has and Gigure comes back (I realize others disagree about Gigure) because if you cannot legitimately stretch the field like we have not been able to do playing defence is a whole lot easier.



Had a little time in order to digest the loss this past Saturday night versus Calgary.

There are A LOT of threads with varying subjects but I have to believe they pertain to the loss at hand. (Ie; If Hamilton won would people be debating the playing of young Luke Tasker or Neil King's play or that of Henry et al & et al.)

But the TiCats lost. So we must dissect said loss. To me it was very simple and it occurred very early.

2 offensive drives where they execute and move the ball efficiently & effectively only to miss both field goals and come up with only 1 point on the board.

Henry panics. Henry decides HE has to win the game.

And THAT'S where everything fell apart for the TiCats.

Before anyone jumps on me, I'm not blaming Henry. He reacted as a professional reacts and decides to take the team upon his back in order to win! (BTW ... Spoiler alert ... this isn't the Austin way ... QB position is the extension of him!)

So in the end ... A YOUNG TEAM ... When faced with a few early disappointments ... Folded, (Yes, Like a lawn chair) to last year's GC Western Champ.

So, with some time to digest as I said before ...

This past Saturday is a good measuring stick to see where Hamilton has to strive towards.

They, the Hamilton TiCats, are good.

But there are no truly great teams in the CFL this year. BC, CGY, TOR are very good but they can be beat. MTL, SSK, HAM, are right there to play spoilers.

"So you say there's a chance Harry?"

I agree FenderGuy69. The Cats are a young team and are going to stub their toes on occasion as was the case on Saturday. The thing that gives me hope is the fact that Coach Austin keeps tweaking the roster in an ongoing effort to improve this team. He doesn't stand pat and I'm sure that it promotes competition within the Team. This gives me hope that we will improve each time out (Saturday excepted). I'm sure our safety learned a valuable lesson and it can't help but make him a better player down the road (I'm sure Rob Hitchcock didn't become the player he was without mistakes along the way). Also, Coach Austin has brought a different "culture" to this team which is a welcome change from the last 9 or 10 years. You can readily see that he demands a high standard of play and is determined to see that improvements are made.

So, take heart fellow fans, this is a pretty good team on the verge of being really good. While Saturday was not an aberration it was just a part of the learning curve for this group. The best is yet to come!!!

My thoughts in a nutshell:

We are not ready to run with the big dogs yet.
But we will be very soon...and then watch out Calgary, BC and the Blue team!