Thoughts on Kevin Glenn

Going into the 2012 season it seemed as though Kevin Glenn's career as a starter in the CFL appeared to be over. His new status going into the season as being perhaps the top Back up in the CFL seemed to be a perfect fit but then Tate went down and Glenn had perhaps his best season as a starter.
I thought Kevin Glenn and this topic deserved to have its own thread.
Glenn's stock as a QB are pretty high at this point.
His best situation may appear to be an Edmonton Eskimo but that would mean that Calgary would have to make a trade to its rival. In Edmonton he could be the starter or could be the insurance back up he was in Calgary behind aother young possible starter in Matt Nichols.

What are everyones thoughts on Kevin Glenn status and possible destination or will the Stamps want to keep him around in case Tate becomes injury prone and the "Gunslinger" not quite ready to step into the #2 spot.

Thoughts ? Comments ?

Sorry to say, but I don't see Glenn starting anywhere. Even with a great regular season, he tanked in the big game and that is ALL anyone will look at. I think he deserves another shot, but I am not a CFL GM. Too many angry fans in WPG so he is not going back there (mind you, the BB are a mess and could surprise by going after him) so if I had to guess, and I am, he is going to land in EDM in a rotating QB system where the Esks will work on developing one of their young QBs.

Wherever he ends up, good luck Kevin. I wish you well.

The only place I see Kevin Glenn,is in Calgary. He will receive a salary for a 2nd QB,as in 2012. Will not be paid at starter's salary.

Why would Edmonton bring a QB who will be 34,once the 2013 season begins? Edmonton will sign Mike Reilly,unless he re-signs with BC. Edmonton would keep Kerry Joseph before bringing in Keven Glenn. Neither will happen. Should Reilly remain in BC,Edmonton will sign Adrian McPherson.

I expect Edmonton to release Kerry Joseph and Steven Jyles in the off-season.


Yes I agree that he has now moved into a role as an experienced back up and no longer is a starting QB in the CFL. This new role in which he has developed into would seem to be the best way for him to continue his football career. His comments in the interview in which he still considers himself as a starter in this league would or could be something that may have turned some GMs off with that statement. He most likely may have been talking out of emotion and not reality.


I agree with McPherson but their are a lot of people who do not share that same thought a lot. Next year will be reilly's 5th pro football season and has climbed the latter NFL camps and PR for '09, released before NFL camps in '10 started on BC PR moved to #3 in '10, full time #3 in 2011, and ful time #2 in 2012. McPherson if you wana talk about reps and playing time he has had a lot more than Reilly through the early Arena as a starter around the time of Ricky Ray got to number 2 in Montreal pretty quick but has had some bad luck playing behind the greatest passer in pro football who just keeps going. Seems like people are holding that against him. For me it seems like alot of Knowledge of the CFL for 5 years and not taking many hits. So he has the knowledge of a 30 year old QB but the football body of a 26 year old. Edmonton is locking in all of their top defenders and Reed likes Joseph and McPherson has the same skill set and a lot of CFL knowledge. Provided Nichols can recover from that injury he has very similar experience and playing time in the CFL with next year being his 4th