Thoughts on Home jersey colours…

IIRC, at one time, the home teams wore their whites with the visiting teams wearing their full (dark) coloured uniforms.

I would to see a return to that league requirement.

Instead of seeing mostly white of visiting teams, I would prefer to see them in their full team colours. To me it would just make for a more interesting and colourful show for the 9+ games we witness every season.

Other thoughts? Opinions?

I want the cats to wear the yellow jerseys more.
I could care less what the other teams wear.

The road jersey at home thing is very rare in the CFL and you normally only see it in the pre-season. It's much more an NFL thing. The Cowboys almost never end up wearing the dark blue jersey.

You do RC and I have long felt that the preference and reasoning you present here makes sense. And, for a little more variety, the home teams could wear their darks for the two regular season home games that are the second time in for the visitors.

the bombers should continue to wear their retro jerseys the remainder of the season, while wearing their gold jerseys with white pants on the road.

also, the ticats should also wear their retro 70's jerseys at home all year.
and the riders should wear their retor homes and retro aways all the time.
( same for the stamps at home with white pants, not the silver they wore with the retros last season )

Doesn't matter to me, I see all uniforms great on television up close and tbat's fine. At least unlike baseball where road unies are a dull grey often, this doesn't occur in football.

I've been thinking, how does Hamilton's black home uniforms impact their performance in the hot summer months?

Are the uniform arrangements the discretion of the home team or the league? If it is the former, may I suggest the Tiger-Cats elect to wear white at least until the game day temperatures begin to drop below 20º.

I am totally in favour of the idea. Would much rather see whites on the home team.

I have always had a preference for the white jerseys, thought they looked pretty sharp. Maybe they should go back to what they did years ago, and alternate year to year, dark and light. NHL used to do it to.


Black should be the home colour. No questions. The yellow jersey is a jinx and I have forbidden myself from wearing mine ever again since we have never won a game where I wear it lol.

I'm quite sure it's the latter. However, if a team had some reason, either special circumstance or promotion, on some occasion and the opposition agreed to the switch, I believe the league would go along with it.

So you're wearing nothing to the games now. What section are you sitting in again?? :wink:

The league mandated the dark jerseys for the home teams, which began in 1969. Prior to that, the home teams always wore their white jerseys. This was also true for the NHL, but it was the opposite. Back in the 60's the Leafs always wore their dark jerseys at home. I believe they turned to the white jerseys at home beginning in 1970. As for the NFL, the home team has the choice of what jersey to wear. Dallas and Washington, and I believe one other team, wear white at home which is why it's so rare seeing the Cowboys in their dark blue jerseys.

I respect your knowledge and appreciaton for the game, Makaveli...but those jerseys SUKK...and you can't see the numbers unless you are at field level...

Now, if they decided to put black numbers outlined in white and red....NAH...they SUKK...

Actually, Mighty, you got the two that usually wear white at home in the NFL...I do remember, back in the day, the Browns used to always wear white at home...I remember because they were my team and I would get so excited when they'd play AT Dallas 'cause then I'd get to see them in brown jerseys...

There still is another team and I'm thinking it might be Tennessee????

Miami used to sometimes.... not sure if they still do.

And the other NFC East teams would sometimes wear white just to force the Cowboys to wear their blues.

I seem to remember some years ago the Tiger cats wearing the dark uniforms for half the home games one season and the whites for the other half. I can't remember exactly when. I could be wrong on that.

Maybe, that could be an answer.

I think wearing the yellow jerseys in the hot weather isn't an entirely bad idea, but then I realized that they'd have to wear black pants which would defeat the purpose. I for one like the yellow jersey's and wouldn't mind seeing them broken out every so often, as long as it's not costing the team too much.