Thoughts on Game 5

On the one hand, I'm glad the Esks finally won, but I'm not getting excited just yet.

The D made some big plays late in the game, but the O-Line still sucked, and the team didn't play that well. I think if we'd been playing Sask, or Cal, or Mon, we would've lost.

This team still has a long way to go.

I think what ticked me off most about this game was the lack of preparation for Korey Banks. In Week 1 he had 3 tackles 2 sacks, and a forced fumble. And once again tonight he had a great game. I can't count how many times the announcers mentioned his name. It's like the Esks didn't bother to gameplan for him at all. :roll:

Fantastic assessment!

Better lucky than good and definitely it could have been uglier. :roll: :cowboy:

Like I said in the game topic, I'd rather be good than lucky, because luck isn't always going to be on our side. Just look at the first four games. This team has a ways to go, and I hope to hell this one measly win doesn't take the pressure off this team.

We need a win against Toronto. Then against Calgary. Then Saskatchewan (it's a home game).

Oh yeah I'd rather be good for sure, but right we agree we are not good now so we'll have to take some luck until we are good! :lol:

I'm picking the Eskies against Toronto as I would have no matter what tonight, so let's hope the Eskies don't let them score a special teams touchdown too!

And then we can beat Calgary I do not doubt though that is a tough rivalry game of course.

Then we have a chance against SK at home if we are firing on all cylinders lest they play about as bad as they played us whenever we just did not make them look good enough to win in the end. :x

Now let us bow our heads to pause and reflect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay hit it!

I enjoyed tonights game, on the edge of your seat glued to the T.V. The two teams looked to be clones of each other doing the same thing on both sides of the ball. Talbot played a good game as did Whitlock. Wow, getting to Lulay on the last play of the game was a stress reliever. Glad the Esk's won and on that note, computer problems since the start of the football game.

Well like it was mentioned.. Im proud of the Eskimos pulling through with a win, although they did crap the bed doing it... We kicked like... 2 or 3 field goals from inside the 20, so our red zone offense needs to improve and smarten up. Along with that being said, Ray is Ray... The interception that was returned for a TD was complete crap, ive been saying it since 2005... Ray needs to IMPROVE and step up... I could go on forever with how he needs to become more aware but id rather relish in an EXTREMELY lucky win for my Eskimos. I thought our D played great for the most part, but the D line needs to "walk down the yellow brick road and grab a brain" they over pursue the QB all the time and it says it on the stat sheet... were bottom 3 in the league for sacks... and on a bright note, i thought the DBs did a fairly good job last night, M-Lloyd had a terrific game from what i saw... And the best news of all was D Mac being fired! Only bright things for the Esks from here on out... just hope the new guy (whoever he is) actually knows a thing about Football. :slight_smile:

The game was like watching an exorcism during a crap shoot. Going 0-4 is no picnic so it was good to see the Eskies get the monkey off their back. Now the Lions have two on their backs.

I wouldn’t chalk the Esks’ win to just luck. But at times I must admit, the two teams played like clones of each…so much so that had they traded uniforms during the lightening strike break, we might not have known.

At times Ray was picking apart the Lions’ D at will and appeared unstoppable. I’m sure the Esks are happy to take the 2 points and get the Lions out of town. The Lions need to get together and write a book, “How to Lose a Game in the Last Five Minutes”. The Lions are habitually doing it.

Wally Buono said the CFL is in the business of selling hope. Hmmm… Obviously it doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee.

As bad as the interception looked it wasn't Ray's fault , it was a timing pattern the the receivers screwed up , the Offence seems at odds if you want to blame anyone then blame Strausser after this many games he should have the guys understanding the playbook but instead they all look on different pages.