Thoughts on Game 2 so far...

Not a bad first half for Edmonton.

I was a little worried at the start. Montreal ran back-to-back run plays that shredded us, and then AC threw it down the middle. I thought for sure the Als were just going to cut through us, but the D has improved. It probably helps that Montreal has completely abandoned the run. If Montreal goes with a more balanced attack in the second half, we could see some weak tackling again.

The offence is performing. The O-Line wasn't looking good early on, but Ray was releasing the ball pretty damn quick, and he was moving around to buy himself some time. We're going deep again, which I love. Campbell and Stamps are tearing the Montreal D apart. I love having Campbell back. Whitlock is looking good again, though it looked like maybe we got away from him a bit in the second quarter. The biggest problem is we're stalling in the red zone. That has to change.

On special teams, I can't even begin to explain how badly I want Tristan Jackson back. Skyler Greene is doing nothing out there.

Let's hope for an improved second half! :thup:

Talk about a total collapse! Dropped passes, interceptions, a whole friggin whack of penalties! The lack of production in the red zone didn't help.

So we now start the season 0-2, and we're now two games behind Sask and Calgary. And most importantly, we're 0-2 at home, which means we've essentially put ourselves in a position where we need to win on the road, something we haven't been able to do in a long time.

This team is in trouble. :?

From a Al’s fan, I don’t understand why Ray just didnt keep going deep, it worked on every play! We got the W but u guys deserved to win.

Nah. We couldn't score a TD in the red zone, and we had over 200 yards in penalties. The Esks didn't deserve to win. We gave up in the fourth quarter.

Kind of funny. Last week we gave up when we had back-to-back penalties and a turnover on the first drive, and tonight we gave up after Campbell and Stamps both dropped passes.

My Als got very, very lucky. We were not value for this win at all. Based on how Edmonton was playing on both sides of the ball through three quarters, you deserved a better fate than this. We are damn lucky to escape Commonwealth with a W.

anytime the chips are down this team folds like a cheap tent. They owned the Als on the deep ball but after the Stamps drop pass they stopped going deep . I’m sure the A’ls made some adjustments but are offence just collapsed . The D played better then expected but tired out in the 4th. and penelties killed us .

I'm going to try to stay positive on this one:

  • At least we got a solid effort for the first 28 minutes, and hopefully this team can learn to win again.
    -Saleen Borhot did much better than expected
    -the defense did much better than expected.
    -We showed last year that Montreal can't handle deep passes and for the most part exploited that.
    -We only tried a short pass on 2nd and long once or twice.
    -We should have won this game against a very good football team

I'd like to stay positive, but there are two things that I don't like...

  1. We're already 0-2 at home. That's not good.
  2. We've taken a crapload of penalties in both games.

Going into this game, many of you didnt even think the Eskimos had a chance to win, when in fact, they were beating Montreal senseless for 3 qtrs. There are a handful of plays that if Edm makes, the game is a blowout:

  1. 1st and goal on the MTL 6yd line (they settle for a FG)
  2. 1st and goal on the MTL 4yd line (they settle for a FG)
  3. Stamps dropped TD (duh)
  4. Campbells dropped TD (duh)
  5. Mo Lloyds dropped INT for TD (he hasnt done CRAP since we signed him last year, except for getting stupid penalties)

The Eskimos beat the Eskimos, MTL just happened to be the opponent. If Montreal is as good as everyone kept saying they were, then I am very encouraged by what the Eskimos were able to do before the clock struck 12:00.
Hopefully they learn how to make the big plays that makes a difference in the outcome.
Hopefully they will eliminate all of the penalties. 200yds worth of penalties, geessss, cant expect to win any games if that continues.

Better that this happens early in the season, rather than later.

I'd say a must win in Regina this week! Remember, they did win there twice last year!!