Thoughts on Fixing The Tiger Cats

  1. Identify the most successful head coach in the CFL.
  2. Offer him whatever he wants.
  3. Put him in total control of football operations
  4. Let him hire his staff including personnel directors & scouts
  5. Give him 3 years to be successful (although in an eight team league it shouldn’t take that long - eg: Wally Buono in BC)
  6. PLEASE don’t give an unproven coach the opportunity to prove himself as a head coach…we’re way beyond that now.

Maybe the answer to question #1 is Don Matthews…sure, he’ll piss off the media but he IS a winner.
Your thoughts?

Matthews and Buono are the only coaches who fit your description and they're both under contracts for a long time. There's nothing wrong with going after young bright assistant coaches, preferably those who are learning from Matthews and Buono right now.

just signed an extention.

CFL contracts can be re-negotiated. As far as young coaches working with Buono and Matthews right now, I think there are a couple (Doug Berrry in Winnipeg springs to mind as a good example) although I would have a hard time recommending Chapdelaine (Buono assistant). He is not well respected by the players.
However, over the years, Matthews has been responsible for bringing great football people into the league and developing them: eg: Roy Shivers (hugely successful in BC and Calgary), Adam Rita, Ron Smeltzer and on and on.

That’s ridiculous. If the club even tried to talk to either of those guys in order to let them know that the Cats would give them anything they wanted (and let’s be honest: how much more is that likely to be than their current team!?!), it would be illegal. It’s called TAMPERING.

And yes, there are good young guys out there that the Cats should look at. There’s also talented veterans. I’m sure the Cats are looking at all of them, otherwise they’d have a new coach already. But most of these guys can’t be formally pursued until AFTER the season.

I dont want a co-ordinator from another team getting a promotion. Its another experiment that will take time to get going.

This is why I would prefer to have someone like Charlie Taaffe who has CFL experience and is a proven winner.

I'm 100% in areement on Taafe. I say hire him now if possible and give him the season to evaluate.

IMHO hiring him now would be a mistake. He would be burdened with our current coaching staff. He would want to bring in his own people.

I'm sure that he is watching and evaluating this mess from afar.

I think he will be the man next year.