Thoughts on Cat's Record for the Next 5 Games

So the Cat's play 2 against the Argos, 2 against the Als and 1 against the Bombers.

I'm curious what everyone thinks what their record will be over these next 5 games based on what we've seen so far from all of the involved clubs.

I'm thinking that the Bombers game should be a gimme.

The way the Argos have been playing combined with Cats' lack of success against upper tier teams, I think that the Cats would be hard-pressed to win a 2 losses there.

I'm thinking that they should be able to split the 2 Als games.

That would give them 2-3 to finish 8-10; make the playoffs and visit Montreal for the EDSF.

With some good luck, help with some of the walking wounded coming off of the IR, they might be 3-2 (split the Argos games) and maybe host the EDSF.

If they don't play Much Much better than yesterday, then 0-5 and at best 1-5. I think home playoff is a stretch at this point. Both QB's made serious mistakes for this late in the season.


How could we disagree with you, especially since you are the "face of the ticats fans" with you multiple appearances on TSN!!! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Now back to reality...This team is probably #5 in an 8 team league...

Good enough to beat the also ran's and maybe able to pull out a win or two against the top level teams,but,not good enough to get to the next level with the overall talent we have...

I see a split with Montreal,two losses to Toronto,and, a win against Winnipeg...2-3 and an 8-10 record,and,maybe a home (sort of) playoff game...

I'd be happy as a toad if we split with the Argos and Als and beat the Peg. We're still not good enough to go to the Cup. We just don't have the talent on defence that the Stamps, Lions, Argos, and Als have. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy about to pick our season tickets)

There is always the possibility that we finish 3rd in the east and not make the playoffs due to the cross over. Nothing is guaranteed and as ususal our destiny is in our own hands.

Looks to me like the weekly influx of new players will the rebuilding for next season will play a factor in how we do for the next 5 games.I think we will have a tough time beating the blue team and about a 50-50 chance of beating Montreal.
However, come playoff time, we may have become strong enough to be very competitive with the blue team and Montreal.
So I'm not counting us out just yet....even though Austin also has one eye on the 2014 season.

3 wins- 2 losses,
finish 9-9 for the season,
host a playoff game and get on a roll to the CHAMPIONSHIP IN REGINA!!!

Let's be positive!! They played a horrible game on Saturday (as many teams do from time-to-time) and they have some injury problems. They have shown that they can beat the Als and they were within a "whisker" of beating the Argos. I have great confidence in our coaching staff to get them ready. Coach Austin will continue to upgrade the talent on this team from week to week and they are only going to get better. I predict at least a 3 and 2 outcome for the last 5 games



Win the season series vs. the blows and als, yes a tall order, but then do something incongruent like lose the last two games of the season vs. the als. and bummers.....finish 9-9.....then host MTL in the EDSF :thup:


We split with the Arblows. Beat Montreal and Winnipeg. In my opinion.

I could be wrong though, We may sweep the Arblows to. :wink:

Here's to positive thinking.

If we can get back some key guys from injury (and not lose any others to injury) we can get on a roll heading into the play-offs. Chances of avoiding injury are slim, but with Giguere, Webb and Figueroa in the line-up I think we are a much better team.

I think the real worry is the special teams and the kicking game (except for our punter). Special teams (not just Williams) kept us in games the past two seasons.

If the injury bug doesn't bite, and we get the guys above back I think we can go 3 and 2 or possibly 4 and 1. Chances are we'll be 2 and 3.

I'm thinking 3-2 the next five games. Splits with both the Argos and Als and a win over the Bombers. At least that is what I am hoping for. With how well the Argos have been playing getting a split against them will be tough.