Thoughts on Alouettes-Eskimos?

It's kind of fun interacting with teams' fans as they play the Alouettes.

While I understand it's been a tough season...I for one don't count the Eskimos out of this game....not at all.

Insights? Comments? Vitriolic Hatred?

Hey Senior... did you ever see the post I made about CFL/city rivalries in the labour day smack talk thread? I mentioned that Als and Esks fans have a 'love/hate' relationship with each other ... a mutual respect spiced with disdain caused by meeting so many times in the GC.

That said, the Esks will win this weekend. But it won't be pretty. This isn't taking anything away from the Als or from McPherson... it will be a game that people will say 'The Esks should have won that'. What will go in the Esks favour is the start of a 'we got nothing to lose' attitude and as such they'll play really loose. Plus there are several guys either just off the 9-game list who have something to prove, or guys who feel they need to step up because someone is going to be coming off the 9-game. Also, they had a bunch of 'bounces' not go their way this season but this week we'll see the reversal of that - I kind of got the sense of that a little bit against Calgary the last game... they were starting to do things to 'force' the game; ultimately it wasn't nearly enough, but it's like the pieces are very slowly coming together. Untimely and uncharacteristic Als turnovers and the Esks getting way more out of plays that shouldn't have worked so well are going to be what tips the balance in this one.

That and the fact that the Als just suck. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :lol:

Esks O-line no match for anyone's D-line, especially Al's. No Whitlock means no run, Ricky Ray pulled early after an unmerciful beating, Zabransky goes in, scrambles well, 3 interceptions thrown for touchdowns, Arland Bruce jumps from the stands to break up celebrations at which point penalties given to Al's put us in field goal range for our only points.

Al's 39 Esks 3

The Als will win, but since Trestman is keeping AC benched, it'll be somewhat close. I'd say the Als win by around 10 points.

Indeed the likeliest way for the Esks to win, as is unlikely all the same, is if it were a low-scoring game via a defencive and special teams battle provided that McPherson's ability to run is stopped and he's forced to throw more preferably under pressure.

Calvillo is starting.

Your in for a shocker, better start your boozin real early tonight :slight_smile:

When did that happen? :o

Just a few days ago. The new official party line is that Calvillo is good to go against Edmonton.

Regardless of who starts for us, I anticipate a very close game. Edmonton is a wounded dog backed into a corner. The Esks have nothing to lose at this point as they are essentially in rebuild mode with players playing for their jobs to impress the new GM. We're playing at home, we're relatively healthy; feels like a trap game to me. I picked my Als to win in BigDave's challenge, but I'd be surprised if the margin of victory for either team was more than 5-6 points.

Yeah, but how many times have people said that? "This is a must win for Edmonton." "This is a statement game for Edmonton." "Edmonton is backed into a corner." Each time Edmonton failed to show up.

To me, the Esks have become the Ti-Cats of a few years ago. I won't pick them to win until they actually show up for a game and play four quarters.

Jeez Chief, ask for the moon sun AND stars much?

True, but I really don't think Edmonton will go 2-16 on the season. They'll likely win at least one or two more games and the challenge is to figure out when those games will be. Not sure today is the day, but maybe playing in a neutral location like Moncton might do the trick.

This guy has to be some insider. Do post more Mike as it looks like you have inside sources? :thup:

I think if Edmonton wins anymore games, they'll likely be at home. The team is 0-4 on the road, and we haven't played well on the road over the last five years.

Moncton is a possibility only because it's at a neutral site. That'll likely be the only road game we win, if we win.

So once again the Esks backed down from the challenge. I'd like to say I'm surprised...

Don't be so cold cuz ur team got there butt kicked again. All I did was reply to this. Relax buddy, there's always next year. :wink:

What the hell are you talking about...? :expressionless:

Yeah, no kidding. Mike, I don’t know how you thought Chief was attacking you, but he wasn’t. If anything, he was putting down his own team.

i was replying to this smart ass comment. Nothing against u Chief. Chief stated that AMac was starting and I had just heard ont the radio that AC was starting.

While my name IS a play on words (Junior Ah You/Senior Ah Me) I'm not exactly a "senior"....yet.
Still...I AM old enough to remember those classic Eskimos/Alouettes titanic battles. And Edmonton with Tom Wilkinson and Warren Moon were always the best team you loved to hate.
Since the return of the Alouettes, the demise of the Ottawa RoughRiders and the rise to stardom of Ricky Ray, the Eskimos have become (in my mind at least) our closest thing to real rivalry. Sure you love to hate Toronto...but who doesn't....after all?

So it's with real sadness that I've watched the Eskimos meteoric plunge into the depths. Quite aside from what it might mean to the league...the Eskimos have always struck me as a "classy" organization...and a truly GREAT franchise.
Hopefully the hiring of Tillman will get everything back on track...get some fresh Canadian talent on the team (like that running back Fils) and get everything turned around. If his football reputation is anything to go've made a good move there.

As far as yesterday's game is concerned...the Eskimos were...and I can't stress enough how improbable this is...responsible for my mind wandering during an Alouettes game. Hell I even (shudder) split my attention between the Alouettes and the Bears.

Shame on you!
Don't do that again!