Thoughts on Airese Currie?

Bad fumble and didn't fight for the ball on the Browner pick. I'm not sure why this guy is in the line-up instead of Cauley.

Not impressed, apparently neither is the guy calling the offensive plays now

Just gagged on another catch that was overturned on a Calgary challenge. What good is speed if you can't catch the ball?

Just fumbled another punt, Thank heaven there was no-yards call on the Stamps.

Neither Currie nor James have impressed at all. Say what you like about Chris Davis but this receiving corps is worse without him. Drive Killer? I can think of two receivers on this team that could hold that title now.

McDaniel is sure handed, as is Stala, but they are possession receivers who need to be in a mix with big play makers. Bruce is the ONLY threat in the receiving corps and even his numbers have dropped since Davis' departure.

Why harp about Davis now? Well, these guys were supposed to be the young rising stars that were going to replace him. I'm not impressed by Currie at all. He won't be around next year.

Goodbye, good riddance.

Curries sure made me forget about Chris Davis. :roll:
I knew Marcel releasing our 2nd best receiver at the time Davis, was a bad move and it sure has looked that way. McDaniel is a pleasant surprise. Too bad Davis wasn't still out there too.

Currie has great speed and enthusiasm unfortunately his hands appear a little greasy at times. I feel bad for him. McDaniel on the other hand has great hands so far and holds on even when he gets hit real hard. Keep McDaniel as a receiver and Currie on kick returns.

You fans are Brutal! That's all I can say....I guess support only comes when there are positives. True fans encourage their team, not bash....I'd like to see how many will jump on the Currie bandwagon next week. Ha! Hamilton Tiger-Cat fans=a joke.

Davis had much better hands all around in my opinion Currie looks so much better :lol:

This is a discussion board...not a love in. The love-ins are held Tuesday nights at 7:30.

When players like Currie start protecting the ball instead of putting it on the ground in EVERY game he's played in, things will change. Until then, he should expect to be criticized for his butter fingers.

get lost troll :roll:

He's pretty much hit and miss. He can make a big play, but has troubles with the fundamentals.

I kinda thought that Currie could be a great receiver on this team. What I do see is that he’s been given a chance and has failed his chance. Very unreliable, to say the least. All the other teams have picked up great receivers down the stretch while the Cats have stood pat except for Middleton. I’d love to see David Ball in the lineup when he’s healthy but until then let’s get Caulley in to return kicks. :cowboy:

Not having a "love-in,", lol, but that was good. Just keep in mind what I said for next week, cause I already know, u bandwagon fans will jump back on. And stop acting like this league is top notch. Do you watch the NFL at all???? The best of the best, have the worst of the worst games. The fans are worst here than in the NFL. Get a grip. Hamilton Tiger-Cats are on their way, i hope, but don't act as though this team did not come from a losing record, oops, I mean records. And maybe if the fans stopped bashing the team, and supported them, maybe they could do a little better. You guys have poor Porter shaking in his bones everytime he messes up. NO SUPPORT AND A JOKE, just like I said the first time. And stop talking about Davis, you guys didn't want him when he was here, so he's gone now, get over it.

This guys dropping catchable balls thinks he's been given ample opportunity to show his stuff. To be honest ...I think he's running out of time. Tre Smith and Terry Caulley are both proven kick returners. :cowboy:

I got your back.

I think he has great speed and has been dropping too many balls. I like the guy so i hope he gets another shot even if it is just as a returner, but saying that if caulley is healthy i would rather see him in the line up.

Kinda hard to fight for it when the defender has a handful of your jersey and the ball is thrown to the other side of the defender.

I actually would take Currie over James. I think he's made some rookie mistakes, but he's got great speed and I think he has the potential to be a great receiver. He just needs to stop overthinking the catch.

Airese Currie is a rookie who has hardly seen
any game action for several years since college.

His thought processes must be a bit rusty by now.

IMO, he needs time to adjust his head to game action.

He has accomplished a lot in football and track.

Played four seasons (2001-04) at the University of Clemson

…started 27 of 46 games…recorded 138 receptions
for 2,030 yards and 10 touchdowns…

earned first-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference honours as a senior

…was also a three-time All-ACC sprinter at Clemson…

won the NCAA East Regional title in the 100m (10.29) in 2003

and earned All-American honours in 2002 as a member of
the 4x100 meter relay team that won the ACC title

and finished second in the nation at the NCAA Outdoor Championships.

But that was 5 years ago.


Selected by the Chicago Bears in the fifth round
(140th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft

…dressed for one game before being added to the injured reserve list.

2006: Spent the season on the injured reserve list of the NFL’s Chicago Bears.

2007: Signed with the B.C. Lions on September 19, 2007

…was released by the NFL’s Chicago Bears on May 7.