Thoughts of Bombers fans...

Hey everyone, don't know if any of you have been on the Bomber forums lately.

But it's quite funny.

They're all talking like they've won the Grey Cup.

They seriously think their team will break the single season sack record... but they don't realize that they will not be facing a gaping hole in RT every week.

Some are saying that they will be 3-0 after week 3 and we will go 0-4 against them this year.

They were talking about the Ticats and their fans being overconfident, then they say this? Hilarious. Talk about a double standard.

This reminds me of last year when they beat defending-champ Calgary and they got excited about the whole thing, thinking they would go to the Grey Cup.

Even when you try and compliment their team and their performance, they just sit there and trash talk.

Memo to Bomber fans: When you win a game... act like it's happened before!

Dunno but I think a lot of Ticat fans have this coming to them from the Bummers. Seems I was the only one to pick them to win on our prediction thread and I've seen lots of Grey Cup talk here too

Not to many Ticat fans said we’d go 4-0 against the Bummers.

I know they have bragging rights, but the stuff they say is ridiculous.

I would be gloating if I were a bombers fan, after all ticats killed their playoff "chance" last year, i'm fairly confident the team will get better and im not looking for tabbies to win a grey cup, just play and be competitive (unlike the season opener).

in our defense, a lot of cats fans (not all) thought it was a sure win for the cats, and a lot of people were predicitng 3 or 4 wins against us in the series… its now looking like it will be a lot tougher in the east this year than originally predicted…

there was so much back and forth between these two teams in the offseason and preseason, so i understand why some bomber fans would want to gloat and rub it in… but i agree the 4-0 and grey cup predictions are rediculous. both teams will have some fans that goto extremes even after only one game… long road ahead

More power to them we would be doing the same thing, like towelie says long road ahead

They better wait till they play a good team, don't forget we even made the Leaky Boatmen look good last Year.

Well we all know the Grey Cup is won the first week of July, I can’t blame them for talking like that though, if we owned Winnipeg like that we would all be acting the same way.

Oh and we will when we get a win against them :wink:

and if we don't then it will be the end of the world on here

The old saying "you are only good as your last game" and right now they are a lot better than us. But all it takes is a good game on Saturday and the Bombers have a bad game and it's back to "we're no 1"

The way the fans were over confident here its well deserved. Many fans I recall saying its a 2 team race in the east this year Us and the Al's and the bombers and argos were jokes.

I'm just hoping the game was lost just due to mental mistakes and a lack of focus, if it was because of talent we're in for a long season.

As for the bomber fans, they've been sticking to their own forum pretty much so i have no problems with them.

It's only one game so it could still very well shape up that way, when New england won their second super bowl they lost their first game to Buffalo 38-0, they wound up only losing 2 games all year while Buffalo went 6-10.

They do deserve some gloating, but we'll see who will be laughing in weeks 3, 6, 7 and 8.

I'm more interested in who is gloating weeks 20,21 and 22

Trust me - as a Bomber fan I'm taking the "one week at a time" mantra seriously! Hamilton is too good of team to take it any other way. I just hope we have a good three way race throughout the season. I'm sick and tired of Montreal running away with the division and the rest of us picking up the scraps :smiley: :smiley:

And don't forget that in the final regular season game that year, the Pats beat the Bills 38-0. Talk about symmetry.


Don't you think the club felt just showing up was worth two points? One that day we were better. I wouldn't write off Rottier just yet. Canadian OL are hard to find so give it a chance. If you guys had been through what we did last year you would know how we feel. That was a football hell on earth!