Thoughts from training camp

Hi Ticat Fans,

Went to watch practice today .

Some thoughts :

The two new rb's look pretty good in Calhoun and Summers
overall there isn't any dlineman that will push the regulars other than Vega
None of the newer canadian receivers impressed me ( nicholson ,carter )
Maurice Mann looked good as did James. A couple new receivers looked good in Toler and Fish but are in tough to crack the lineup.
DB's Heyward and Vann looked good and it looks like they might be trying Tisdale at corner

Overall I feel it will be tough for anyone to crack the dline or receiving corps ...The area where we might see a new face is DB

Jamal and Otis seemed pretty pumped today and ARLAND was playing like a rookie trying to make the team.

I am a bit concerned about our punting and kick returning situation

Zac Carlson may have a real fight on his hands to hang onto his job this year. Time will tell.

Well, unlike in previous years, it'll be harder for rookies to make the team and they won't be as likely to be starters, as we have more good starters on the team than we had in past years.

Some of these rookies will be good for depth, and I'm sure Calhoun and Summers will make it so that we'll continue to have good depth at RB. We could use more depth in some places. It seems we may have to cut at least one talented import receiver, and it's too bad to hear that about Carter and Nicolson. We need better NI depth in the receiving corps.

In the D line, it was interesting to hear that Dalloul and Reid did well. I have heard some good things about Dalloul.

And I have heard many good things about Fish. But I am also concerned about special teams, which may be a weakness for us again.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to training camp again today and my friends, unless they get hurt we are going to have at least two allstars at receiver this year.

Teams are going to have fits trying to cover both AB3 who made two very long catches and almost a third and M. Mann who caught everything in sight in every direction. Add to that that the rest of the receiving core looks terrific, even Chris Bauman made a great sideline grab. It would seem the competition is beneficial for him. Jason Jimenez is a beast, Alexandre Gauthier looks in great shape. A little concerned about Simeon Rottier who is either slightly hurt or out of shape. Also it seems like no one has taken the fullback job for themselves. At Rb it looked like Deandra Cobb, then Calhoun, then Hamilton to me though Summers showed flashes.

Rookie Dl, Vega got hurt which is too bad he had looked real good. Jason Shivers got a real bad leg cramp and missed most of the second practice.

Sandro is pure money, the best addition of the off season. Summers and Fish were used on returns and each have a real nice second gear. Fish will also made a real nice catch at WR. He is small but very very quick and has displayed good hands so far.

Dave Stala is a great route runner and the nickname Sticky is well earned. If it's close he catches it. He also showed that he will be a nice insurance policy if needed to punt.

Parlardy pounds his punts by my count average of 47-51 yards though he did drop a couple of snaps but the snapping had a couple of struggles. Parlardy seemed to struggle a little bit a couple of times trying to angle punts to his right but sure has a big leg.

The d-line was pumped up in the second practice and Mcintre, Bolden and others would have had at least three sacks in real play.

The linebackers are going to be real tough to choose from after Otis, J. Johnson and Knowlton because of the level of talent there. Db's, I really did not see a single standout though there was three interceptions which I saw.

Barring serious long term injurys this is going to be a very very good football team ladies and gentlemen. The level of talent is way up and they seem hungry. Can't wait for the regular season!!

Odd how gearbear9 said he is worried about kicking and revclark said it was amazing. You were both at the same practice. I’m confused. Obviously peoples opinions always differ but not that drastically.

I am worried because it is a rookie punter

Fair comment about being a rookie punter but the leg is real good. His range is definitely better than average.

As someone not able to get to practices or training camp I'd like to extend my appreciation to those that do and spend time telling us about it.

How is the hang-time? Are his punts moon-shots or line-drives?

Id say in watching for 3 days now, his punts are high but very long!
GO CATS GO!!! :rockin:

I’ll second that, thanks good fans. :thup:

X3. I probably won't get to make it to camp at all.

I went to training camp today but unfortunately I arrived around 10:30 and it was over. Just a few players being interviewed by the press. I guess I'll have to get there earlier.
Does anyone know when the Black and gold game is?

There is no black and gold game this year.

I believe Scott posted on the training camp thread that they will be hosting a scrimmage at IWS on June 26th.

What is Danny McManus doing these days?
My wife and I were in the Westdale area yesterday walking towards Cooties Paradise and a guy is jogging towards us and my wife says "hey thats Danny McManus" and sure enough it was. I'm wondering if he is trying to make a come back, he was running faster than I had ever seen him run on the field. Looked in great shape.

There will likely be some punters available after training camp is over. Calgary has 2 Canadian K/P's and 1 Canadian punter. They can't keep them all.


Palardy will make this team easily unless he gets hurt. 50 yard plus punts with ease. I grant you he is a rookie but a very good one.

Great kid too BTW.