Thoughts from the game (20/06/10)

Agreed I have to ad AB III for that Catch in the Endzone

I been calling for Adam to be Number 2 since the Start of Camp

Thats no excuss, they have been practicing these plays for 2 weeks at camp now! Dont get me wrong I like Quinton, but he has to throw the ball harder, he did the same last year! He a reciever drop the ball because it wa thrown to hard, then its the recievers fault, but if the QB cant even get it to the reciever, then its the QB's problem.
On brighter note he ran the ball well!
I still say Adam should be the back-up to Kevin!

I have to admit that I was excited to see Porter come into the game and I really wanted him to do well. I was disappointed for the most part, but I still think he has potential. In saying that, however, I think Tafralis has more potential.

The Cats are solid in most aspects of the game . The punter is my big ? mark.

I believe the bulk of the respondants have nailed it. We have a QB controversy.

Quinton or Adam?

I've got no personal agenda with either, but from what I saw, Adam is a mile ahead of Quinton as a backup, and future starter.

Both need to have some "go-to" receiver to practise with, like Danny Mac and Flutie arrived at. Whichever guy can do that, (ignoring QP's tendency to fixate and ignore other receivers and try to run out of trouble) is the guy we should want...and start lining up a third stringer to start learning the system.

More trade bait...

I don't even care, both have their problems but when it comes down to it Tafralis is probably the safer bet at #2.
On another note I was extremely impressed with the performance of a certain N/I rookie today.Namely Glenn MacKay.
The kid dominated and with no CFL experience and very little practice.A few highlights, his first reception he faked out a couple Bombers and took it 20+ yards.On his next or close to his next reception he caught a terrible Porter throw sprinting all the way across the field and diving to do so.He caught a couple more also, both 5+ yarders including one reminicent of Prechae Rodriguez, leaping up into the air to snag it.He's fast, hard to bring down and has the leaping ability of Rodriguez with the hands of Dave Stala.This kid has a future in Tigertown :thup:

MacKay was certainly impressive. Nice to have a young Cdn player come out of nowhere and really perform for a change. We have not had much luck in this category recently. Hope he can continue and be a starter some day soon...

First off I assure you his job better be in jeopardy, this is training camp and we might have been the worst qb on the field today and im talking about both teams. And what do you mean once everyone got off his back he was rolling... he never started rolling he had one nice play the td to james.

also a few other comments I forgot to post.

I thought our punter looked horrible, but the guy we had returning punts looked great.

A few observations of my own:

  1. If the Bombers Oline doesn't improve, Pierce will be on the injured list before August.

  2. Tafralis look more composed then Porter. Why does Porter allways make 2 or 3 little up and down hops as soon as he gets the snap. He's tall enough to see over the Oline. He needs to work on his pocket presence.

  3. Glenns only struggle seems to be overthrowing the long bombs, other then that very nice.

  4. Great ball control, very little fumbles in the first part of the game when the starters where in.

  5. It's very evident that the Cats have gelled better then the Peg so far. This schedule that has us playing them so many times early in the season could be of tremendous advantage. By the time they get their act straight we can pick up 6 points off them easy.

This is where I land as well. I was looking forward to Porter’s entry but felt quite let down.

Now Glenn had full protection and Wpg. didn’t have their regular D line (or linebackers for much of the game- for that matter).
When Porter came in we also switched in some replacement O-line members so the field was uneven. That said:

  1. Tafralis also had a weaker O-line.

  2. Porter’s throwing mechanics looked messed up on a number of plays when his throws weren’t rushed. He threw low and then over-corrected high. He couldn’t get into a groove. Perhaps with a good line in front of him he might have found that groove but you sure hope that a QB can find a way to win even if his line is weaker.

On the other hand this may call into question the offensive schemes used with Porter. Were they there to take advantage of his strengths or were they there because those were the plays that the coaching staff wanted practiced? I’m nowhere near good enough to evaluate that.

Winnipeg had 2 starters on defense for the game (Logan and Craver). Everyone else who played was either a back-up last year or is new to the team.

And here are some of my post-game thoughts:

  1. I thought there might be the possibility of a Porter vs. Tafralis debate/argument/flamewar after this one. Porter disappointed, and Tafralis had better numbers. It has been mentioned that Porter was surrounded by backups for much of the time he was in, but can't the same be said about Tafralis? And Porter locking onto Toler to throw that pick, and his overthrow to open Calhoun can't be blamed on his teammates out there. Other than that TD pass and gains of rushing yards, Porter did not do much for us. And didn't Glenn MacKay make him relieved by catching that jump ball he tossed up? There is no doubt that Kevin Glenn is our starter, so you could say I'm impressed with the two Glenns.

  2. Onto the topic of the receiving corps, many of the receivers played well. I was not impressed with James last year, but I hope he keeps this up. It was good to see Stala and AB3 do what we know they can do, though M. McDaniel should've had that TD in the first quarter. It looks like MacKay will be that undrafted NI receiver to make the team, rather than Valberg, who gave a demonstration as to why he was on of the first players to be cut.

  3. It was great to see Cobb run with it again, I enjoy seeing him find the holes and go right through them. He should have another great year, and it was good to see our backup RB, Summers, also do well.

  4. It has been said here before, but you have to be concerned about Palardy. I'm afraid we're going to get inconsistent punting from him and he could be a little too Boreham-ish. At least our punt coverage was good.

  5. While on the topic of punt returns, it was good to see what Manson could do. We went with him on many returns, and we saw why. Summers may also do well at that.

  6. When WPG had the ball in the 1st half, it was mostly our starters against theirs. And you saw how little ground their offence could gain with Pierce in there. The defence did quite well, and when they got the TD, it looked like the receiver who made it 1st and goal was out of bounds. It was good to see some pressure on the WPG QBs.

  7. One final thing I'll say is this: Drew said that this team looks much better at this time of the year than they did at this time last year. That's likely because there are not as many new players, players have been playing together for longer periods of time, and so it looks like we're ready to go. Looking forward to July 2nd, when we go up against a WPG team we know we can beat, in a game that matters.

My thoughts.

I'll weigh in on the Porter/Trafalis issue. Trafalis is certainly the better QB at this point. Porter either needs taller receivers or ones with longer arms who can also reach down to their toes while running crossing routes. His throws were awful today.

We need a punter. Badly.

Water. I had to go to three concession stands at the END OF THE FIRST QUARTER to get water. Helloooo...did this game come as a complete surprise to the vendor???

D looks great. O looks good, but still shows signs of rust.

Agree don't see the talent or AC type skills in QP in all fairness I think he should be cut, but he won't. Don't see him ever being a quality second stringer for that fact. I think if he was released not many teams would jump to get him on board. He will not ever come back to haunt us like AC did. At this point he has had 3 camps and half a season and several games to prove himself. Outside 1 game he has shown he is about as capable as Cody Leddbetter. I'd prefer Richie Williams at this point. We can blame it on not being starters when he hits them in the numbers etc. but when its constantly under thrown or over thrown starter or not those balls aren't caught. I am not sure I saw one well thrown ball today from him. He still hasn't learned to not zone in on 1 recieiver and once he isn't an option he runs. Not what I expected from a 3rd year QB. He looked even worse then last year and that was pretty bad.

  • bummers sat nine starters

  • Porter was brutal and there are no excuses

  • Trafalis needs to become the #2

  • nice to see a return game once again

  • MacKay and Carter looked good. Where was Bauman?

  • Cobb looks like another 1000yr+ season. The other two showed well too.

  • it's bad enough having extremely loud PA and obnoxious Jason Farr, but if those stupid World Cup horns make their way in that might be enough to get me to stay home in front of a 50" HD screen and cheap beer.

Alot of improvement in M.McDaniel and Drisan James too.I wasn't overly impressed with them at all last season and seriously wondered why we were hanging onto James.A fine example of Obie knows best, in Obie I trust.

I agree, one or two lucky plays and the Porter crowd thinks he played a good game, what a joke.
Expcept for two or three plays, Porter stunk the place up like usual. If Glenn goes down we are in real trouble. Its time to trade the second rate #12 for what ever we can get. Porter is really starting to play out his stay here much like Jason Maas did.
Its time for Trafalis to step up to #2, at least the team will play for him.

I'm glad there is such a profound consensus about QP (though I respect the presence of the noted counter-opinions). I'm hoping that this means the coaching staff will recognize they have a problem with QP - i.e. the guy is just not progressing.

i watched on shaw/cogeco and i agree. whats wrong with porter? he just looked like a rookie out there, still scrambling around almost immediately and his throws were just.. terrible. is he happy in hamilton? could that be his issue or is he just.. not as good as he was when people didnt have game film on him?

and the bombers sat

9 starters plus we lost 3 guys who started for us last year to other teams..

hefney and titus ryan are in the nfl. lenny walls is in edmonton.

2 defensive backs and a receiver.

january was injured pre season week 1, out 6-8 weeks so u can say 13 guys who played for the bombers last year.. did not play today.

thats quite abit.